Owing to the current pandemic, the Trail in its normal form will be limited. There will be no printed brochure nor any public preview. HOWEVER, if circumstances permit at the time, several venues – maybe different ones – will be open at the planned date and time.

The only source of information on the new, slimmed-down version of the Trail will be via this website and social media generated by artists participating.

Those participating in the Limited Trail may be found as usual on the Artists page and the Venues page. The Google map is updated regularly. The Limited Trail venues are shown in YELLOW.  Click for our live map HERE or on the Venues page.

An outline of what we are doing this year, updated on October 10th, may be found here. It is in the form of an A5 flyer.

Further information for those visiting LIVE venues on the Limited Trail may be found here.

Much of what is below is now redundant for 2020 but the links there (also to be found elsewhere on the site) may be useful.


Welcome to the website of West Bristol Arts. The trail is held on the Saturday and Sunday of the second or third weekend in October every year. On this site you can find everything you need to know, whether you wish to visit or exhibit. Navigate on all pages by using the back button on your browser or by clicking the links at the top.

The dates for the 2020 Trail are Saturday October 17th and Sunday October 18th, 11am to 5pm,


This is a completely free event. Approximately 100 local artists in 50 venues open their homes and studios to the general public so that you can browse their work. There are also some “public” venues such as hotels, schools or churches. The artists themselves are usually on hand if you wish to discuss their work or perhaps commission something special.

Prices are normally very modest, as you buy direct from the artist. This really is affordable art. However, there is absolutely no pressure to buy work; you may simply spend a delightful weekend browsing some outstanding art.

We recommend using public transport or bicycle to visit the Trail, as car-parking facilities are notoriously scarce. Though parking was an issue in Clifton and Hotwells, the new scheme has achieved its end of making more spaces available. There are no charges on Sunday, and many areas of the Trail have none on Saturday either. In all areas with charges, the first half-hour is free but you do have to register at the ticket stand.

Click here to see details of Parking and Public Transport

Click here for our live Google map of venues 2020

Click here for details of Wheelchair access 2020

Click here for a list of artists on the Limited Trail, arranged by artist Artists on the Limited Trail, by artist

Click here for a list lof artists on the Limited Trail, arranged by venue Artists on the Limited Trail, by venue


The trail is not selective and operates on the basis of first-come-first-served. All artists (in a wide range of media) are invited to participate, from full-time professionals to part-time amateurs. The entrance fee is £50 per artist (not per venue). There is a special rate for group shows such as church communities, where an individual artist may perhaps be showing only one or two works. There is no charge for schools and all are warmly invited to participate. However, all artists still need to register afresh each year. For returning artists this takes a matter of a few seconds.

Registration opens in mid-January and closes when we are full or on March 31st, whichever is earlier. Just come to this website and click on “registration” then follow the simple instructions. If you would like a reminder to register, please send an email to the address below.

Artists themselves choose their own venues (more often than not their own homes) and are responsible for all their own arrangements, including public liability insurance. We have a recommendation for the latter and it is easy and cheap (£36pa) to arrange by subscribing to the organisation called AIR. For details, click here.

Artists who exhibit on the Trail have their own free webpage on this site. This remains on the website indefinitely or until the artist asks for it to be removed. For further details click here

Any queries, just contact us at [email protected]