1) Who can participate?

Anybody, as long as you are exhibiting in the area of our Map, namely Clifton Village, Clifton Wood, Hotwells, or the Western part of Redland. The committee does not select artists nor is there any entrance requirement beyond paying the subscription. Artists are free to join or not in any particular year.

2) What is the subscription?

£50 for each individual artist whether the artist is exhibiting alone or with others. There is a special rate (on application) for group shows such as church groups where artists show perhaps only a very small number of works. There is no charge for schools.

3) What does the subscription cover?

The subscription pays for the widespread advertising of the trail, through the main map/brochures available across the city, posters, business cards, postcards, magazine advertising and articles, plus radio and TV coverage where possible. You also have your own individual webpage on this site, with four images and about 200 words of text.

4) How do I apply?

Please see details here

5) Will all my contact details be published?

No. We publish only such contact details as artists wish. This has to include the exhibiting address, obviously, and then usually an email address and a website address if any. We do not publish telephone numbers and will not publish email addresses if requested.

However, we do need contact details such as telephone numbers (preferably landline and mobile) in case we need to contact you urgently. Almost all communication is via the westbristolarts@yahoo.co.uk email address.

6) Where can I exhibit?

The vast majority of artists exhibit in their own homes where they sometimes invite other artists to join them. Some rent other venues such as pubs or similar venues.

7) Can the committee help with finding a venue?

Wherever possible, it is highly desirable that artists find their own venues. However, if artists are still struggling to find a venue after much searching, we are usually able to help.

8) Who are the committee?

The committee are simply a group of volunteers who have offered their services to help with the central organisation. Most are exhibiting artists themselves. The committee also includes the two graphic designers who are professionals but offer their services at a much reduced rate. We warmly welcome others who would like to volunteer their services.

9) If I volunteered, what would be the commitment?

The committee meets in full approximately two or three times between February and September. As can be seen from the list of committee members. individuals have responsibility for specific areas of activity, which vary in the degree of time needed.

10) If I participate in the Arts Trail, am I required to help?

No. But we hope you would help especially with distribution of publicity. We’d assume that all artists would use their own electronic means (email, facebook, twitter etc) to publicise the trail. We provide suitable material for electronic distribution.

11) I am interested in sponsoring the West Bristol Arts Trail. What does it cost, and how do I go about it?

All details about sponsorship may be found here