Registration is now closed for 2021, but there may be the odd vacancy. Please enquire via email to the address below.

If it turns out we can register you, then please follow these instructions:

If you are new to the Trail, then please also send

a) your real name (not a nom de plume, as it were, but say if you like to use one for publicity)
b) your home address in full (not for publication)
c) all phone contact numbers (not for publication)
d) your venue if known


Once you are registered, then you need to send us
1. Your main image for the year. Images should be file-named as your full name plus number (eg Flossie Peaseblossom 1, 2, 3, 4), with 1 being your main image for the year.
2. A summary (15-word maximum) of what you do
3. Your website address if any
4. Payment (see below)

That completes the essential part (for the brochure)

Artists who exhibit on the Trail have their own free webpage on this site. Not compulsory but highly desirable. This remains on the website indefinitely or until the artist asks for it to be removed. For further details please click here

How to pay:

You need to pay the subscription (£50 per artist, not per venue) to confirm your registration. You can assume this has been received unless we contact you in due course; we do not send confirmations or receipts except by special request.

Please pay by online banking to The Coventry Building Society, West Bristol Arts, a/c 76157928, Sort code 40-63-01 with your real name as reference. For online payments please email us if the reference you give (ie your real name) is different from the account name (eg Perkins Creations). Not all banks and building societies use the same database fields (amazingly).

If you really can’t do that, then please send a cheque (payable to “West Bristol Arts”) to West Bristol Arts, 2 Sion Lane, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4BE. It is very helpful if you could put your real name CLEARLY on the back of the cheque IF the name on the cheque is not easily recognisable (eg Perkins Creations printed on the cheque and Joanna Arbuthnot is your name).