Venues 2017

Venues 2017

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1 First Floor Flat, 115a Coldharbour Road, BS6 7SDItalian coffee & cakes
Location of Venue 1
Dexios Francolini img Dexios Francolini
I am a 16-year-old emerging artist who mainly paints using acrylics and oils

[email protected]
2 3 Beaconsfield Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2TS
Location of Venue 2
Anna Boss img Anna Boss
Landscape artist capturing the changing light of the English landscape
[email protected]
Judith Archer img Judith Archer
Textile artist working in mixed media , on paper and textiles

[email protected]
Penny Leaver Green img Penny Leaver Green
Pictures made from fabric and thread reflecting a range of contemporary thoughts and ideas
[email protected]
3 94 Worrall Road, Clifton BS8 2TU
Location of Venue 3
Linda Alvis img Linda Alvis
Pastel paintings and  photographs of Bristol and worldwide subjects. Portraits, Landscapes, Still Life etc. Prints, cards, coasters & 2018 Calendar available.
[email protected]
Mike Rome img Mike Rome
Original Oil Paintings and Limited Edition Prints featuring landscapes, figurative works and copies of masterpieces
[email protected]
4 18 Hughenden Road, Clifton BS8 2TT
Location of Venue 4
Rupert Peploe img Rupert Peploe
The colours to be found in landscape and still life are my inspiration
[email protected]
Rosemary Millar img Rosemary Millar
REM Jewellery – hand crafted silver and rolled gold jewellery incorporating beautiful and unusual semi-precious stones
[email protected]
5 4 Downfield Road, Clifton BS8 2THTea, coffee and cakes
Location of Venue 5
Anne Bullock img Anne Bullock
Figurative and decorative paintings, life studies and still life.
[email protected]
Elizabeth Vibert img Elizabeth Vibert
Figurative artist working in oils in which colour, imagination and pattern play equal roles
[email protected]
Joanna Swan img Joanna Swan
Unique one-off pieces of flamboyant and colourful jewellery
[email protected]
Pam Kaye img Pam Kaye
Paintings, Prints and cards mainly of Bristol and the South West

[email protected]
Sylvia Owen img Sylvia Owen
Sculptural studies of animals and human figures for home and garden, also portraits by commission
[email protected]
Tim Bullock img Tim Bullock
Small mechanical automata kits.
[email protected]
6 16 Downfield Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2TJ
Location of Venue 6
Emma Fraser img Emma Fraser
A portfolio of wildlife illustration including big cats and the British countryside and coastline

[email protected]
Anna Janke img Anna Janke
Capturing the creative essence and translating it into a visual reality

[email protected]
Rebecca Lechanoine img Rebecca Lechanoine
Contemporary silver jewellery and copper works inspired by the natural world

[email protected]
7 St John's Primary School (Juniors), Worrall Road, Clifton BS8 2UHSaturday 11am - 3pm only, Tea, coffee, cakes; toilets. Wheelchair friendly.
Location of Venue 7
St John's School, (Juniors) - img St John's School, (Juniors) -
Artwork by pupils at the Junior school in Worrall Road

[email protected]
8 St John's Primary School (Infants), Lower Redland Road, BS6 6SUSaturday 11am - 3pm only. Tea, coffee, cakes; toilets. Wheelchair friendly.
Location of Venue 8
St John's  School, (Infants) - img St John's School, (Infants) -
Artwork by pupils at the Infants school in Lower Redland Road

[email protected]
9 United Reform church, Whiteladies Road, Redland BS6 6SAWheelchair friendly but not Sunday till 11.40.
Location of Venue 9
SICA - img SICA -
We are a group of Artists showing paintings , stain glass, sculpture and photography
[email protected]
10 18 Burlington Road, Redland BS6 6TL
Location of Venue 10
Julian Warren img Julian Warren
Natural History sculpture created in steel
[email protected]
11 15 Elgin Park, Redland, BS6 6RU
Location of Venue 11
Harriet Cox img Harriet Cox
Original oil paintings and limited edition prints from the British Isles
[email protected]
12 13 Auburn Road, Redland BS6 6LS
Location of Venue 12
Jane Cooper img Jane Cooper
Impressionist landscapes in oil
[email protected]
Julia Cooper img Julia Cooper
Artist living on Cornish coast painting abstract and still life
[email protected]
Sophie Howard img Sophie Howard
The city, dancers and love. Ceramic and mixed media sculpture.'
[email protected]
13 1 Auburn Road, Redland, BS6 6LS
Location of Venue 13
Simon Jennings img Simon Jennings
Current and retrospective works. Painting, drawing, graphics and various images.

[email protected]
14 Sevenoaks, 92B Whiteladies Road, Clifton BS8 2QNWheelchair friendly.
Location of Venue 14
Julian Cox img Julian Cox
Ink drawings: nudes & abstract. Sculpture: abstract.
[email protected]
15 Tom Howley Showroom, 90a Whiteladies Road, Clifton BS8 2QNWheelchair friendly.
Location of Venue 15
Susie Ramsay img Susie Ramsay
Bristol artist specialising in bespoke and unique local scenes
[email protected]
Tamsin John img Tamsin John
I make functional and decorative table ware that will enhance any home

[email protected]
16 4 Warwick Road, Redland, BS6 6HE
Location of Venue 16
Jean Merritt img Jean Merritt
Jean’s work is in enamel, mixed media, collage and painting. Exhibited widely here and abroad.

[email protected]
17 54 Archfield Road, Cotham, BS6 6BQ
Location of Venue 17
William Hall img William Hall
I work in paint as a visceral response to the human condition and our world

[email protected]
18 21 South Road, Redland BS6 6QP
Location of Venue 18
Nigel Humphreys img Nigel Humphreys
Drypoint Prints - drawing direct on metal using diamond tipped steel scribe – all about the burr

[email protected]
19 Basement studio, 93 Pembroke Rd, Clifton BS8 3EB
Location of Venue 19
Julie Dyer img Julie Dyer
Julie is an intaglio printmaking artist. Her work consists of etchings and aquatints.
[email protected]
20 All Saints Church, Pembroke Road, Clifton BS8 3EDTea, coffee, cakes (& toilets). Wheelchair friendly.
Location of Venue 20
Art in the atrium img Art in the atrium
A large group of artists with a diverse range of styles both 2D and 3D in a lively and colourful exhibition.. Coffee, tea and cakes. Toilets available.
[email protected]
21 9 Garden Court, Alma Vale Road, BS8 2HT
Location of Venue 21
Louise Lalonde img Louise Lalonde
Louise Lalonde is a painter who is very interested in exploring ideas about space time and identity.
[email protected]
22 Alma Tavern, 18-20 Alma Vale Road, Clifton BS8 2HYPub with fine food and drinks. Lavatories. Wheelchair friendly.
Location of Venue 22
Sheena Vallely img Sheena Vallely
Close Encounters of the Animal Kind : new paintings.
[email protected]
23 Alma Church Hall, 29 Alma Road, Clifton BS8 2ESTea, coffee, cakes etc. Wheelchair friendly.
Location of Venue 23
Sally Hogg img Sally Hogg
Sally Hogg is a potter who is interested in function as well as form

[email protected]
David Brown img David Brown
Figurative work in acrylics and oils

[email protected]
Eily O Connell img Eily O Connell
Precious jewellery from the undergrowth with unexpected gemstone and enamel twists

[email protected]
Eva Pollard img Eva Pollard
Stained and kiln-formed glass window art, homeware and jewellery

[email protected]
Ruth Spencer img Ruth Spencer
Travel photography with prints and cards

[email protected]
24 46 Pembroke Road, Clifton, BS8 3DTTea, coffee.
Location of Venue 24
Frances Bildner img Frances Bildner
I am a colourist, I love colour in all its variety. My paintings are organic.
[email protected]
25 Engineers House, The Promenade, Clifton Down BS8 3NBWheelchair friendly.
Location of Venue 25
Carolyn Eaton img Carolyn Eaton
Landscape photography of Bristol and its surroundings

[email protected]
Carrie Pooler img Carrie Pooler
Mixed media, semi-abstract including Bristol land- and city-scapes. Collages, cards, paintings and print.

[email protected]
Sonya - img Sonya -
Unique Ceramic Jewellery, Table Ware and Sculptural Paintings inspired by nature and the changing seasons.
[email protected]
26 The Coach House Studio, Harley Mews, Clifton BS8 3JT
Location of Venue 26
Karen Hann img Karen Hann
At present, Karen works in oils and mixed media, inspired by texture, contrasts and reflections
[email protected]
27 10 Canynge Road, Clifton BS8 3JX
Location of Venue 27
Jeremy Baines img Jeremy Baines
Landscapes in oils and stoneware ceramics
[email protected]
28 8 Canynge Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3JX
Location of Venue 28
Robert Lambourne img Robert Lambourne
I try to rescue or reuse materials to work with. Interesting things sometimes emerge.

[email protected]
29 Christ Church C. of E. Primary School, Lansdown Road, Clifton BS8 3AWTea, coffee, cakes, toilets. Wheelchair friendly.
Location of Venue 29
Christ Church C. of E. Primary School img Christ Church C. of E. Primary School
Please visit the amazing artwork from our fantastic bi-annual arts week ‘Take one Picture’
[email protected]
30 The China Factory, 7 Vyvyan Road, Clifton BS8 3ADCoffee, cakes, light lunches. Wheelchair friendly.
Location of Venue 30
David Thornley img David Thornley
Stoneware pots, house plaques, Garden Punctuation: bird tables, bug houses and cane toppers in terracotta. Coffee and cakes from 10. Light lunches from 12.

[email protected]
Jaque Solomons img Jaque Solomons
Original work in Oil, Acrylic and Mixed Media. Prints and Cards

[email protected]
Oliver Kent img Oliver Kent
Handbuilt ceramics – fish-boats, 3-wheelers and teapots with stories attached. Live demonstrations
[email protected]
31 Top of Sion Lane (gate beside 15a Sion Hill), Clifton, BS8 4BESome Parking Permits available
Location of Venue 31
Zachary Bird img Zachary Bird
Stoneware pottery of all kinds, thrown and fired in small artisan Clifton pottery. Commissions welcome.

[email protected]
Fi Harris img Fi Harris
Textiles - unique hand felted pictures, trinket pouches, brooches. Lino cuts - hand printed teatowels, bags, cards.

[email protected]
32 2 Sion Lane, Clifton BS8 4BESome Parking Permits available
Location of Venue 32
Heather Henderson img Heather Henderson
Colourful pictures in textiles and stitch
[email protected]
Jo Hyam img Jo Hyam
A colourful, eclectic mix of 2D and 3D stitched creations, plus paintings in various media
[email protected]
Joanna Wright img Joanna Wright
Paintings, silkscreen prints & hand stitched pictures
[email protected]
Juliet Carmichael img Juliet Carmichael
Inspired views of Bristol and beyond

[email protected],com
Liz Riley img Liz Riley
Handthrown, handpainted ceramics with a big sense of colour and fun
[email protected]
Patricia Brownen img Patricia Brownen
Patricia Brownen, textile artist, painting, stitching, embellishing silk and making into necklaces, neckpieces,brooches and scarves
[email protected]
Rosie Jenkins img Rosie Jenkins
Watercolour paintings and cards

[email protected]
33 Middle Garden, West Mall/ Caledonia Place, Clifton BS8 4BGWheelchair friendly, but on grass under canvas.
Location of Venue 33
Tim Burroughs img Tim Burroughs
Where the land meets the sky - bright ceramic and acrylic landscapes
[email protected]
34 Avon Gorge Hotel, Clifton, BS8 4LDBar, café, restaurant. Wheelchair friendly.
Location of Venue 34
Chris Dye img Chris Dye
Watercolour landscapes and still life

[email protected]
Sarah Donovan img Sarah Donovan
Handmade, stylish ceramics for your home, functional and decorative. Commissions welcome and pottery experiences available
[email protected]
Angie Broome img Angie Broome
Exuberant paintings, prints, drawings and cards.
[email protected]
Caroline Casswell img Caroline Casswell
Caroline makes colourful,one-off items. Polymer clay jewellery and mosaic with hand-painted tiles..
[email protected]
Lyn Harradine img Lyn Harradine
'Sounds of Venice' using mixed media. Body of work based on making music in Venice
[email protected]
Mike Shevlin img Mike Shevlin
Oils on chalk, applied with a soft cloth. Abstract organic shapes, though geometry often intrudes!

[email protected]
Sara Glass img Sara Glass
My work includes a range of collage paintings and pen and ink responses

[email protected]
Sue Pickering img Sue Pickering
Mixed Media Artist. The art of everyday life. Original prints, handmade books, cards & jewellery.
[email protected]
35 The Village Pottery, 70 Princess Victoria Street, Clifton BS8 4DDWheelchair friendly; one small step at entrance.
Location of Venue 35
Jen Hamilton img Jen Hamilton
Functional aesthetically pleasing pottery by local guest potters. Lessons, Wedding Gift Lists & Baby feet Imprinting
[email protected]
36 9A Royal York Crescent, Clifton, BS8 4JZSome Parking Permits available
Location of Venue 36
Lillian Delevoryas img Lillian Delevoryas
The fruits of a life in art -- to delight the eye with oils, watercolours, tapestry hangings and iconography
[email protected]
37 Garden Flat, 3 Rodney Place, Clifton BS8 4HYSome Parking Permits available
Location of Venue 37
Frankie Hudson img Frankie Hudson
Mosaic pictures, panels, tables, decorated flower pots and framed mirrors to make you smile, for house and garden
[email protected]
38 Aurea, 15 King's Road, Clifton BS8 4ABWheelchair friendly but some internal steps.
Location of Venue 38
Magda Goss img Magda Goss
Watercolour and Indian ink paintings and Raku fired ceramics

[email protected]
39 "Hidden" gallery, 8 The Arcade, Clifton BS8 4AACafés close by. Wheelchair friendly.
Location of Venue 39
Feona Ness img Feona Ness
Semi abstract oil paintings of landscapes; Bristol downs and the south west coast
[email protected]
40 3 Bellevue, Cliftonwood BS8 1DA
Location of Venue 40
Jenny Shah img Jenny Shah
Jenny's paintings reflect the interaction between the pool, swimmers and changing weather at the Clifton Lido
[email protected]
41 3 Glentworth Road, Clifton, BS8 4TB
Location of Venue 41
Frances Cooley img Frances Cooley
Oil paintings and drawings inspired by a lifetime of observing colours and texture in nature

[email protected]
Kate Edmunds img Kate Edmunds
Oil paintings inspired by seascapes around the UK, abstract block colour

[email protected]
42 43 Bellevue Crescent, Cliftonwood, BS84TFWheelchair friendly; some external steps.
Location of Venue 42
James Newbold img James Newbold
Thrown pottery and porcelain jewellery using Raku and alternative firing methods

[email protected]
Liz Hunter img Liz Hunter
Semi abstract landscape and still life work, raku ceramics

[email protected]
43 16 Bellevue Crescent, Cliftonwood BS8 4TEWheelchair friendly; some external steps.
Location of Venue 43
Matthew Price img Matthew Price
Matthew specialises in mixed media paintings of animals and photography of Bristol.

[email protected]
44 Hotwells Primary School, Hope Chapel Hill, Hotwells BS8 4NDSat 11am - 3pm only. Tea, coffee, cakes; toilets. Wheelchair friendly.
Location of Venue 44
45 1 Dowry Square, Hotwells BS8 4SHSome Parking Permits available
Location of Venue 45
Mary Rouncefield img Mary Rouncefield
Animals, mathematical ladies and some new experimental works. Half hour free parking on Saturday.
[email protected]
Bronwen Grover img Bronwen Grover
Weird, Wild, Welsh Work, plus further adventures of 'Giraffe Bebe Cupcake

[email protected]
46 319 Hotwell Road, Hotwells, BS8 4NQSome Parking Permits available. Wheelchair friendly.
Location of Venue 46
Colin Moody img Colin Moody
Colin's street photography captures, documents and artistically portrays Bristol.

[email protected]
47 Holy Trinity Church, Hotwells BS8 4STTea/coffee, cakes, light lunches at hugely reasonable prices! Toilets. Wheelchair friendly.
Location of Venue 47
Beth Richmond img Beth Richmond
Jewellery made from natural pebbles and materials, semi-precious stones and silver

[email protected]
David Northcott img David Northcott
David’s oil paintings respond to the light falling on nature and the human form
[email protected]
Helena Hobbs img Helena Hobbs
Helena reuses and recycles textiles, this time making cushions from vintage silk damasks

[email protected]
Ilsa Fatt img Ilsa Fatt
Rich, textured jewellery, made using flame worked glass beads, along with intricate woven beadwork in organic shapes and jewel-like colours
[email protected]
Jane Wills img Jane Wills
A range of enamelled work on copper including bowls, jewellery and autumn leaves
[email protected]
Jenny Urquhart img Jenny Urquhart
Jenny paints vibrant and contemporary images of Bristol, Bath and South West coastal resorts. 
[email protected]
Karen Lilley img Karen Lilley
Blown glass vessels and paperweights, fused glass vessels and plates, and kiln-cast glass sculptures
[email protected]
Kate Talbot img Kate Talbot
Paintings and hand-made prints

[email protected]
Laura Howarth img Laura Howarth
Laura creates semi-abstract landscape paintings, original prints, Gyotaku fish prints and pastel work
[email protected]
Maita Robinson img Maita Robinson
Uniquely quirky cards and collaged images using recycled materials and low-tech printing techniques

[email protected]
Mary French img Mary French
Linocut and mixed media colour prints inspired by beach combing. Selection of original print greetings cards on sale.

[email protected]
Pauline Pearce img Pauline Pearce
Pauline's work includes mixed media paintings, original prints, print based collages and artist books
[email protected]
Pelin Hanley img Pelin Hanley
I am passionate about creating free-form, one-off sculptural pieces and wearable-art ceramics
Wendy Norton img Wendy Norton
Mixed-media artist working primarily with thread, fabric, and paint to create artworks and jewellery
[email protected]
48 4 Cliftonwood Terrace, Clifton Wood, BS8 4TZ
Location of Venue 48
Anna Christy img Anna Christy
Oil paintings that explore light, reflections and colour in landscape and still life.

[email protected]
49 5 Cliftonwood Crescent, Cliftonwood BS8 4TUSome Parking Permits available. Wheelchair friendly; one small step.
Location of Venue 49
Fiona Willis img Fiona Willis
Fiona works in watercolour pen & ink finding inspiration from the sea, the garden and her home town
[email protected]
Anne Carpenter img Anne Carpenter
Anne works in Fabric Collage and Collaged Paper Prints
[email protected]
Lucy Ivitsky Molleson img Lucy Ivitsky Molleson
Wildlife illustrator - exhibiting limited edition fine art prints of her recent watercolour and mixed media

[email protected]
50 6 Southernhay Avenue, Cliftonwood, BS8 4TJSome Parking Permits available
Location of Venue 50
Sue Ford img Sue Ford
Porcelain vessels, wheel thrown, Chinese glazes, wood and gas fired, and large Raku pots

[email protected]
51 Heartfelt, 32 Alma Vale Road, Clifton BS8 2HY
Location of Venue 51