Welcome to West Bristol Arts 2023. This page will be regularly updated as we approach the trail, with news for artists and visitors.

We’re nearly full up!


Well be closing the registration page on Saturday, we are already nearing full capacity. In practice we can usually squeeze everyone in, especially those showing at home or who have made their own arrangements for a venue.

Venue Page


The Venues list has to be updated manually, so don’t worry that it doesn’t currently show everyone who has registered. Vyv will aim to get it updated at the beginning of next week.

Artist webpages


If you’d like to change the text or images on your artist webpage, or the image which will appear on the brochure, just email it all to Vyv at

Registration – Payment


Please send money-related queries to our Chairman and Treasurer, Kevin, on


Once registered, please pay BACS / online transfer to this account:
Coventry Building Society
West Bristol Arts a/c 76157928
Sort code 40-63-01

Please include the name you are exhibiting under as reference. If you need to pay by cheque, please make payable to West Bristol Arts and post to

Kevin Clutterbuck
9 Tower
George’s Square
Bristol BS1 6LB

For any other payment queries, please contact at


Registration is now open. Please register as soon as possible after this date, we hope to complete registration and have collected payment by Saturday 1st April 2023.

We have had to raise the entrance fee this year to reflect ever-increasing costs, though this is the first increase in at least 10 years. The entrance fee is now £60 per artist (not per venue). There is no charge for schools.

How to Register

Click on the registration tab in the main menu above and follow the instructions on the form. If you took part in recent art trails you may be able to pick your name from a dropdown list, (NB we recently cleared out hundreds of artist details from the dim and distant past, some returning artists might have to enter their info afresh, sorry about that). Any queries, just contact us at

New Email Addresses

This year we are introducing more “targeted” email addresses to replace the original one. If you have a query, it would be very helpful if you could use the appropriate one below:

The old address will continue to function for the time being.