Venue 2

Venues 2021

1 3 Beaconsfield Road, Clifton, BS8 2TS
Location of Venue 1
Judith Archer img Judith Archer
A collection of contemporary Screen, Lino and digital prints, influenced by Japanese woodblocks, Shown on a selection of textiles and papers.

[email protected]
Anna Boss img Anna Boss
Brooding landscapes from Bristol and beyond

[email protected]
Karen Jones img Karen Jones
Mixed media collage. Working in relief combining collage, painting, printmaking and digital techniques

[email protected]
Katie Lewis img Katie Lewis
Working with acrylic and mixed media. Currently producing lots of still life, line drawing, flower illustration and portraits

[email protected]
2 18 Hughenden Road, Clifton BS8 2TT
Location of Venue 2
Peter Foreman img Peter Foreman
I make both thrown and hand built ceramics using a variety of clays and firing techniques

[email protected]
Rupert Peploe img Rupert Peploe
The colours to be found in landscape and still life are my inspiration
[email protected]
3 1a Quarry Steps, Clifton, BS8 2UD
Location of Venue 3
Yuliya Maleeva img Yuliya Maleeva
Oil paintings, oil and cold wax, mixed media, inspired by old boats and structures
[email protected]
4 48 Upper Belgrave Road, Clifton, BS8 2XP
Location of Venue 4
Maria Quintin img Maria Quintin
Nature inspired drawings, paintings and prints in all mediums from etching to lithography to screen

[email protected]
5 St John's Primary School (Juniors), Worrall Road, Clifton BS8 2UE Saturday 11am - 3pm only, Tea, coffee, cakes; toilets;
Location of Venue 5
St John's School, (Juniors) - img St John's School, (Juniors) -
Artwork by pupils at the Junior school in Worrall Road

[email protected]
6 28 Wellington Park, Clifton, BS8 2UT
Location of Venue 6
Linda Alvis img Linda Alvis
Pastel landscapes, portraits, prints, cards, children's books & illustrations + illustrated poetry book ‘Dawn Rising’.
[email protected]
Mike Rome img Mike Rome
Original Oil Paintings and Limited Edition Prints featuring landscapes, figurative works and copies of masterpieces
[email protected]
7 35 Wellington Park, Clifton, BS8 2UW
Location of Venue 7
Elizabeth Vibert img Elizabeth Vibert
Figurative artist working in oils in which colour, imagination and pattern play equal roles
[email protected]
Gillian Stein img Gillian Stein
Mixed metal contemporary jewellery. Silver, brass, copper, semi-precious beads. Brooches, earrings, necklaces.

[email protected]
8 Subud Hall, 29 Wesley Place, Clifton BS8 2YD
Location of Venue 8
Sue Lutkenhouse img Sue Lutkenhouse
I make a range of silver, copper and textile earrings, bracelets and jewellery bags

[email protected]
Bemmie - img Bemmie -
Vintage inspired travel prints, Cycling prints and 3D art that celebrate Bristol. Postcards and Greetings Cards
June Hoy img June Hoy
Multimedia artist working at Hamilton House inspired by Paul Klee using oil transfers watercolour/gouache

[email protected]
SICA - img SICA -
We are a group of Artists showing paintings, stained glass, sculpture and photography
[email protected]
9 6 Redland Terrace, Redland BS6 6TD
Location of Venue 9
Sarah Payne img Sarah Payne
Abstract and seascape oil and acrylic paintings, and one-off original silk screen prints

[email protected]
Heidi Lee-Webber img Heidi Lee-Webber
We make flatware using fused glass and also a small selection of jewellery and art pieces

[email protected]
10 St John's Primary School (Infants), Lower Redland Road, Redland BS6 6SU Saturday 11am - 3pm only. Tea, coffee, cakes; toilets.
Location of Venue 10
St John's School, (Infants) - img St John's School, (Infants) -
Artwork by pupils at the Infants school in Lower Redland Road

[email protected]
11 21 South Road, Redland BS6 6QP
Location of Venue 11
Nigel Humphreys img Nigel Humphreys
Drypoint mono-prints; varied subjects, limited colour! Handy for train services to/from Clifton Down.

[email protected]
12 1 Auburn Road, Redland, BS6 6LS
Location of Venue 12
Simon Jennings img Simon Jennings
Current and retrospective works. Painting, drawing, graphics and various images.

[email protected]
13 13 Auburn Road, Redland BS6 6LS
Location of Venue 13
Jane Cooper img Jane Cooper
Impressionist landscape paintings in oil
[email protected]
Sophie Howard img Sophie Howard
The city, dancers and love. Ceramic and mixed media sculpture.'
[email protected]
14 Tom Howley Showroom, 90a Whiteladies Road, Clifton BS8 2QN Tea, coffee, cakes. Toilets.
Location of Venue 14
Sara Glass img Sara Glass
Landscape and figures - mixed media, ink and oils

[email protected]
15 4 Warwick Road, Redland, BS6 6HE
Location of Venue 15
Jean Merritt img Jean Merritt
I work with enamel, paint and found objects - often combining all with wire or gesso.

[email protected]
16 45 Apsley Road, Clifton, BS8 2SN
Location of Venue 16
AJ Wood img AJ Wood
Portraits from Venice Carnival to accompany the Photozine
[email protected]
17 Garden Flat, 25 Clarendon Road, BRISTOL BS6 7EX
Location of Venue 17
Jesus Andres img Jesus Andres
Colourful minded, happily postpop, contemporary landscape updating expressionism. Canvas & paper, up to three metres.
[email protected]
18 Basement studio, 93 Pembroke Road, Clifton BS8 3EB
Location of Venue 18
Julie Dyer img Julie Dyer
Julie is an intaglio printmaking artist. Her work consists of etchings and aquatints
[email protected]
19 All Saints Church, Pembroke Road, Clifton BS8 3ED Tea, coffee, cakes (& toilets)
Location of Venue 19
Art in the Atrium img Art in the Atrium
A large group of artists with a diverse range of styles both 2D and 3D in a lively and colourful exhibition.. Coffee, tea and cakes. Toilets available.;; www.expanded-visi
[email protected]
20 9 Garden Court, Alma Vale Road, BS8 2HT
Location of Venue 20
Louise Lalonde img Louise Lalonde
Louise Lalonde is interested in exploring ideas about place, space and time using colour and texture. She works between abstraction and representation
[email protected]
21 Alma Church Hall, 29 Alma Road, Clifton BS8 2ES Tea, coffee, snacks. Toilets.
Location of Venue 21
Sally Hogg img Sally Hogg
Sally Hogg is a potter who is interested in function as well as form

[email protected]
David Brown img David Brown
Born south of the river, lives north of the river and works in acrylic/oil

[email protected]
Dona Bradley img Dona Bradley
Hand-drawn and digitally coloured illustrations of Bristol as prints and unique gifts and homewares
[email protected]
Eva Pollard img Eva Pollard
Stained and kiln-formed glass including window art, homeware and jewellery

[email protected]
Ruth Spencer img Ruth Spencer
Travel photography with prints and cards
[email protected]
22 2 Worcester Terrace, Clifton, BS8 3JW
Location of Venue 22
23 Ground Floor, 13 Worcester Terrace, Clifton, BS8 3JW
Location of Venue 23
Vyv Hope-Scott img Vyv Hope-Scott
Abstract oil and acrylic, alluding to landscapes, industrial spaces, places half-remembered or dreamed
[email protected]
24 10 Clifton Park Road, Clifton BS8 3HL
Location of Venue 24
Pippa Cullen img Pippa Cullen
Portraits, Animal studies, still lives, landscapes. Oils predominantly
[email protected]
Finian Cullen img Finian Cullen
I specialise in realist portrait painting of humans and animals

25 10 Canynge Road, Clifton BS8 3JX
Location of Venue 25
Jeremy Baines img Jeremy Baines
Landscapes in oils and stoneware ceramics
[email protected]
26 The Coach House Studio, Harley Mews, Clifton BS8 3JT
Location of Venue 26
Karen Hann img Karen Hann
At present, Karen works in oils and mixed media, inspired by texture, contrasts and reflections
[email protected]
27 9 Gloucester Row, Clifton, BS8 4AW
Location of Venue 27
Anita Millward-Smith img Anita Millward-Smith
Unique mosaic art and willow sculptures for interior and outdoor spaces

[email protected]
Bob Broomfield img Bob Broomfield
Bob takes everyday scenarios in his satirical jaws, chews them up, producing vibrant sardonic hand-drawn cartoons

[email protected]
28 2 Sion Lane, Clifton, BS8 4BE
Location of Venue 28
All Is Sun Creations img All Is Sun Creations
Unique, local, handmade, partly upcycled eco creations inspired by ancient cultures, magic, myth & nature
Fi Harris img Fi Harris
Textiles & print work. Hand felted, dyed or printed. All made by me in North Somerset.

[email protected]
Heather Henderson img Heather Henderson
Colourful pictures in textiles and stitch
[email protected]
Joanna Wright img Joanna Wright
Paintings and Silkscreen Prints. Stitched Pictures and Cushions
[email protected]
Juliet Carmichael img Juliet Carmichael
Inspired views of Bristol and beyond

[email protected],com
Rosie Jenkins img Rosie Jenkins
Watercolour paintings and cards

[email protected]
Shelli Graham img Shelli Graham
Beautifully illustrated greeting cards, gifts and homeware designed by award winning artist Shelli Graham
[email protected]
29 Middle Garden, West Mall/ Caledonia Place, Clifton BS8 4BG
Location of Venue 29
Tim Burroughs img Tim Burroughs
Where the land meets the sky - bright ceramic and acrylic landscapes
[email protected]
30 Second floor flat, 37 Caledonia Place, BS8 4DN
Location of Venue 30
Ian Staniland img Ian Staniland
Ian specialises in using recycled windows to capture local scenes. Must be seen to appreciated.
[email protected]
31 Aurea, 15 King's Road, Clifton BS8 4AB
Location of Venue 31
Magda Goss img Magda Goss
Watercolour and Indian ink paintings and Raku fired ceramics

[email protected]
32 Garden Flat, 3 Rodney Place, Clifton BS8 4HY Some Parking Permits available
Location of Venue 32
Frankie Hudson img Frankie Hudson
Mosaic pictures, panels, tables, decorated flower pots and framed mirrors to make you smile, for house and garden
[email protected]
33 f4, The Clifton Arcade, Clifton, BS8 4AA
Location of Venue 33
Andrew Jones img Andrew Jones
Landscape and urban photography, with a focus on mountains, travel and Bristol
[email protected]
34 Unit 12, The Clifton Arcade, Clifton BS8 4AA
Location of Venue 34
Steven Bacon img Steven Bacon
Unique woodlands, desert and Terrarium themed indoor gardens created in beautiful hand made glassware and terrariums
[email protected]
35 27 Cornwallis Crescent, Clifton, BS8 4PH
Location of Venue 35
Andrew Davies-Coward img Andrew Davies-Coward
Figurative works in oil featuring portraiture, still life, cityscapes and everyday human moments

[email protected]
Jonty Cutting img Jonty Cutting
My watercolours take their inspiration from still life, natural environment and interesting buildings

[email protected]
Peter Netley img Peter Netley
Street scenes, urban landscapes, portraits and and abstract photographic images from international destinations
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[email protected]
36 1 Dover Place, Clifton, BS8 1AL Some Parking Permits available
Location of Venue 36
Kate Talbot img Kate Talbot
30 years retrospective of drawings, paintings and prints

[email protected]
37 19 Charlotte Street, Bristol, BS1 5PZ
Location of Venue 37
Angela Baum img Angela Baum
Angela Baum is an abstract artist, working mainly with paint, collage and found objects

[email protected]
Jess Baum img Jess Baum
Jess Baum is a potter who makes functional, wheel-thrown stoneware for the home

[email protected]
38 QEH Theatre, Berkeley Place, BS8 3JX
Location of Venue 38
Queen Elizabeth's Hospital img Queen Elizabeth's Hospital
Varied work by pupils and staff

[email protected]
39 Wood studio, Clifton Wood Road, Clifton BS8 4TW Tea, coffee etc.
Location of Venue 39
40 3 Bellevue, Cliftonwood BS8 1DA
Location of Venue 40
Jenny Shah img Jenny Shah
My passion for swimming outdoors continues to inspire my paintings
[email protected]
41 16 Bellevue Crescent, Cliftonwood BS8 4TE
Location of Venue 41
Matthew Price img Matthew Price
Matthew is an illustrator and collage artist influenced by the Natural World

[email protected]
Ollie Farthing img Ollie Farthing
Ollie is an illustrator who uses both digital and traditional methods to create his artwork
[email protected]
Dave Hall img Dave Hall
Screen printer and illustrator inspired by bold colour and graphic composition

[email protected]
42 6 Glentworth Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4TH
Location of Venue 42
Kate Edmunds img Kate Edmunds
Oil paintings inspired by seascapes around the UK, abstract block colour

[email protected]
43 43 Bellevue Crescent, Cliftonwood, BS8 4TF
Location of Venue 43
James Newbold img James Newbold
Thrown pottery and porcelain jewellery using Raku and alternative firing methods

[email protected]
Liz Hunter img Liz Hunter
Semi abstract landscape and still life work, raku ceramics

[email protected]
44 20 Cliftonwood Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4TU
Location of Venue 44
Frances Cooley img Frances Cooley
Oil paintings and drawings inspired by a lifetime of observing colours and texture in nature
[email protected]
45 5 Cliftonwood Crescent, Cliftonwood BS8 4TU Some Parking Permits available.
Location of Venue 45
Fiona Willis img Fiona Willis
Fiona works in watercolour pen & ink finding inspiration from the sea, the garden and her home town
[email protected]
Lucy Molleson img Lucy Molleson
Fine watercolour/mixed media Illustrations of birds, whales and other wildlife

[email protected]
Zennor Box img Zennor Box
In that Click Moment, my paintings should be instantly engaging..... then you see something extra’
[email protected]
46 Holy Trinity Church, Hotwells BS8 4ST Tea/coffee, cakes, light lunches. Toilets. Some parkings permits available.
Location of Venue 46
David Northcott img David Northcott
David makes paintings in oil, usually about our environment and the humans who inhabit it
[email protected]
Douglas Karson img Douglas Karson
Douglas Karson’s works are about hope. Experience the RULES pieces and balance will follow
[email protected]
Helena Hobbs img Helena Hobbs
Helena reuses and recycles?textiles, this time making cushions from vintage silk damasks

[email protected]
Jane Wills img Jane Wills
A varied range of colourful enamelled work on copper including jewellery, bowls and autumn leaves
[email protected]
Jenny Urquhart img Jenny Urquhart
Jenny paints vibrant and contemporary images of Bristol, Bath and South West coastal resorts.
[email protected]
Karen Lilley img Karen Lilley
Blown glass vessels and paperweights, fused glass vessels and plates, and kiln-cast glass sculptures
[email protected]
Maita Robinson img Maita Robinson
Uniquely quirky cards and collaged images using recycled materials and low-tech printing techniques

[email protected]
Mary French img Mary French
Small editions of original linocuts, lino etches and mixed media prints, inspired by natural forms and hand printed on a C19th Albion press
Pauline Pearce img Pauline Pearce
Pauline's work includes mixed media paintings, original prints, print based collages and artist books

[email protected]
Rosemary Millar img Rosemary Millar
REM Jewellery - hand crafted silver and rolled gold jewellery incorporating beautiful and unusual semi-precious stones
[email protected]
Shuya Cheng img Shuya Cheng
Intricate freehand machine embroidery artwork elegantly suspended in shadowboxes, abstract giclee prints and greeting cards
[email protected]
The Knitted Pea img The Knitted Pea
Bold, colourful designs celebrating the beauty of nature. Cards, prints, gifts and original works.
[email protected]
Wendy Norton img Wendy Norton
Embroidered jewellery and artworks inspired by nature
[email protected]
Wendy Greenwood img Wendy Greenwood
Kiln Fired Dichroic and Fused Glass Jewellery. Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystal and Silver Plated Jewellery.

[email protected]
47 Hotwells Primary School, Hope Chapel Hill, Hotwells BS8 4ND Sat 11am - 3pm only. Tea, coffee, cakes; toilets.
Location of Venue 47
48 Engineers House, The Promenade, Clifton Down BS8 3NB
Location of Venue 48
Lyn Harradine img Lyn Harradine
Ceramics and pictures with a Venice theme
[email protected]
[email protected]
Sonya Wilkins img Sonya Wilkins
Beautiful ceramic vases & jewellery inspired by nature and tableware as seen on the ‘Great British Menu’ 2020
[email protected]
[email protected]
Caroline Casswell img Caroline Casswell
Caroline makes colourful,one-off items. Polymer clay jewellery and mosaic with hand-painted tiles..
[email protected]
Carolyn Eaton img Carolyn Eaton
Landscape photography of Bristol and its surrounding countryside
[email protected]
Carrie Pooler img Carrie Pooler
Abstract and semi-abstract cityscapes, landscapes, nature and still life. Paintings, collages, prints and cards.
[email protected]
Chris Dye img Chris Dye
Watercolour landscapes and still life

[email protected]
Laura Robertson img Laura Robertson
Laura is a Bristol based artist well known for her quirky lino prints and paintings
[email protected]
Lloyd Lewis img Lloyd Lewis
A portrait artist that seeks to delve into the character of his sitters. Delivering a likeness and displaying real character.

[email protected]
Rebecca Lisle img Rebecca Lisle
Fascinating, unique organic sculptures made from recycled wood
[email protected]
49 4 Napier Road, Redland, BS6 6RT
Location of Venue 49
Anthony Feiler img Anthony Feiler
My jewellery is characterised by simple elements of design, using silver, gold and semi-precious stones
[email protected]
Bronte Leigh img Bronte Leigh
Botanical dyer and textile artist working with natural dyes and fibres
[email protected]
Hannah Leigh img Hannah Leigh
Jeweller and Ceramicist working with porcelain and silver; drawing inspiration from natural and organic forms.

[email protected]
Sara Bernard img Sara Bernard
I mostly paint people and still lifes. I like colour and form.

[email protected]
50 Redland Park United Reform Church Hall, Whitelaides Road, Redland BS8 6SA only by contacting an artist
Location of Venue 50
Feona Ness img Feona Ness
Semi abstract oil paintings of landscapes; Bristol downs and the south west coast
[email protected]
Anna Haydock-Wilson img Anna Haydock-Wilson
'I make images and films of Bristol Harbour, the tidal River Avon and Ashton Bridge
[email protected]
Anna Findlay img Anna Findlay
Stained, painted and fused glass gift items and a small selection of Indian miniature style paintings

[email protected]
Hemali Modha img Hemali Modha
Hemali works in a variety of mediums and is inspired by nature, experiences and emotions

[email protected]
51 Victoria Methodist Church, 1A Whiteladies Road, Clifton BS8 1NU Sat 11-5; Sun 11.30-5.30. Café. WCs.
Location of Venue 51
Rebecca Gibbs img Rebecca Gibbs
West African inspired words, wellbeing and Sculptural Writing with Beads, Bags and bracelets

[email protected]
Amy Hutchings img Amy Hutchings
Silkscreen printer, experimenting in multi-media printmaking, mark-making and enamel. Loves colour, drawing and biscuits
[email protected]
John Kane img John Kane
Beachscapes and Industrial Landscapes in the mediums of oil paint on paper, charcoals and prints

[email protected]
Louise Boulton img Louise Boulton
Original limited edition etchings and screenprints inspired by the natural world
[email protected]
Richard Gibson img Richard Gibson
Paintings whose colour, brushwork and design endeavour to embody the vitality of the organic world
[email protected]
52 Artists also needing a new venue,
Location of Venue 52
Alison Camacho img Alison Camacho
I'm a resin artist creating mostly astronomy and geode art. I upcycle furniture too.
[email protected]
Grainne Thompson img Grainne Thompson
Wildflower Cards & Prints creates worlds with a Exotic cheeky approach - Using Paints/chalks & fine liners ,

[email protected]
Rocio Enriquez-Bucheli img Rocio Enriquez-Bucheli
Ink on rice paper scrolls, original oil and encaustic paintings and prints inspired from life
[email protected]
Claire Redwood img Claire Redwood
Architecture, textures, repetitions of shapes, grids, buildings old and new, the ugly and beautiful influence my work

[email protected]
Jo Pollitt img Jo Pollitt
Jo loves the coast and paints mainly seascapes using oil on board or canvas

[email protected]