Venue 2

Venues 2023

1 Clifton Scout Hut, Pavey House, Waterloo Street, Clifton BS8 4BT
Location of Venue 1
Chris Dye img Chris Dye
Watercolour landscapes and still life.
[email protected]
Andrew Davies-Coward img Andrew Davies-Coward
Figurative works in oil featuring portraiture, still life, cityscapes and everyday human moments.

[email protected]
Ellie Talay-Minaei img Ellie Talay-Minaei
My passion is in Watercolours, and I relish sharing experiences in this wonderful skill with likeminded people.
[email protected]
Erika Glanville img Erika Glanville
Floral designer, creating natural, seasonal faux wreaths.
[email protected]
Fi Harris img Fi Harris
Fi is a felt-maker, printer and creative experimenter. She plays with textiles, textures and techniques.

[email protected]
Harriet Bray img Harriet Bray
Wheel thrown and slip cast functional and decorative ceramics in colourful glazes.

[email protected]
Lisa Travers img Lisa Travers
Contemporary Collage, prints and mixed media focusing on pattern.
[email protected]
Louise Forster-Smith img Louise Forster-Smith
Abstract Artist exploring bold colours and hand-painted surfaces to create unique, playful work inspired by nature.
[email protected]
Michelle Hinshelwood img Michelle Hinshelwood
Michelle is an intaglio printmaker working with copper etchings, photopolymer and drypoint.
[email protected]
Olivia Soulson img Olivia Soulson
I work with reclaimed leather to create colourful, statement jewellery that is joyful to wear.
[email protected]
Peter Netley img Peter Netley
Archival photographic prints selected from over 50 years of travel photography.
[email protected]
Rachael Johnson img Rachael Johnson
Rachael enjoys experimenting with colour and mark making.
[email protected]
Sam Waters img Sam Waters
Sam Waters has a brave use of colour and bold abstract style.
[email protected]
Shelli Graham img Shelli Graham
Beautifully illustrated cards and gifts, designed by award-winning illustrator Shelli Graham.
[email protected]
Simon Jennings img Simon Jennings
Simon Jennings trained at the RCA, he works in a variety of media, mainly in a figurative, expressionistic style.

UWE Bristol Illustrators img UWE Bristol Illustrators
Hello! We are a 3rd year illustration group from UWE, each with unique styles & talents.

[email protected]
2 Savills, 20 The Mall, Clifton BS8 4DS
Location of Venue 2
Anne Elliott img Anne Elliott
Mixed Media & Ceramics artist who studied exhibition design and is now Chair of Clifton Arts, Bristol’s largest Art Society.
[email protected]
3 Garden Flat, 3 Rodney Place, Clifton BS8 4HY
Location of Venue 3
Frankie Hudson img Frankie Hudson
Mosaic pictures, panels, tables, decorated flower pots and framed mirrors to make you smile, for house and garden.
[email protected]
4 Second floor flat, 37 Caledonia Place, Clifton BS8 4DN
Location of Venue 4
Ian Staniland img Ian Staniland
Ian specialises in using recycled windows to capture local scenes. Must be seen to appreciated.
[email protected]
5 Ground Floor, 8 Caledonia Place, Clifton BS8 4DH
Location of Venue 5
Patricija Poikane img Patricija Poikane
Latvian artist that creates dynamic and vibrant combinations of different mediums.
[email protected]
6 Middle Garden, West Mall / Caledonia Place, Clifton BS8 4BG
Location of Venue 6
Tim Burroughs img Tim Burroughs
Bright acrylic abstracts and landscapes.
[email protected]
7 The Coach House, 3 Harley Mews, Clifton BS8 3AY
Location of Venue 7
Karen Hann img Karen Hann
At present, Karen works in oils and mixed media, inspired by texture, contrasts and reflections.
[email protected]
8 Stride Treglown, Promenade House, The Promenade BS8 3NE Sat/Sun 10 – 5. Tea, coffee, cakes. Toilets & free parking.
Location of Venue 8
Alexander Barry img Alexander Barry
Alex Barry is an architect and artist living in Bristol.

[email protected]
Angharad Matthews img Angharad Matthews
Abstract pieces primarily inspired by coastal colours and textures.

[email protected]
Ashleigh Msipo img Ashleigh Msipo
Abstract mixed media artwork using acrylic, pouring paints, ink, watercolour, colouring pencils, charcoal, fine liners on canvas and fabric.

[email protected]
Chris Birdee-Wright img Chris Birdee-Wright
Frome based artist and designer working in both digital and screen-printed format.

[email protected]
Claire Hall img Claire Hall
Claire Hall is an international glass artist, jewellery designer and painter inspired by the local landscape.
[email protected]
David Hunter img David Hunter
David has developed his artistic practise through close observation of natural and man-made environments.
[email protected]
Dawn Cox img Dawn Cox
Dawn is an Artist and tutor based in North Somerset, exploring ‘essence’ in portraits and Landscapes.
[email protected]
Helen Lovesmith img Helen Lovesmith
Reliefs and 3D pieces using cast concrete to explore tactility and fragility, texture and light.

[email protected]
Jakub Raspl img Jakub Raspl
Digital drawing, mixed media, urban mapping, representation and visualisation.

[email protected]
Klaudia Kery img Klaudia Kery
Klaudia Kery is an architectural and urban designer.

[email protected]
Laura Fox img Laura Fox
Laura designs, cuts and hand prints contemporary limited edition lino cuts.
[email protected]
Mark Tagara img Mark Tagara
Architecture and cityscape inspired, fine line sketches painted on location with watercolours.
[email protected]
Pascale Stanley img Pascale Stanley
Striking, soulful jewellery, handcrafted with alluring textures and symbols that speak of the ancient world.
[email protected]
Richard Watts img Richard Watts
Landscapes, seascapes and still life in acrylics, watercolour and charcoal.

[email protected]
Rob Delius img Rob Delius
Acrylic paintings of imagined landscapes

[email protected]
Robert Sargent img Robert Sargent
Landscape paintings inspired by adventure that capture the uplifting feeling when out with nature.
[email protected]
Ryan Johnson img Ryan Johnson
Hello, I’m Ryan Johnson, a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Cardiff. This is 'Icon Prints'.
[email protected]
Sarah Haworth img Sarah Haworth
Atmospheric semi abstract paintings based on landscape, light, and memory.
[email protected]
9 1a Camp Road, Clifton BS8 3LL
Location of Venue 9
Louise Lalonde img Louise Lalonde
I enjoy making drawings and paintings in response to places, time and my identity.
louise-lalonde on instagram
[email protected]
10 Clifton High School, College Road, Clifton BS8 3JD Tea, coffee, cakes (& toilets)
Location of Venue 10
Anna Findlay img Anna Findlay
Stained, painted and fused glass gift items and a small selection of Indian miniature style paintings.

[email protected]
Clifton High School Students & Staff img Clifton High School Students & Staff
Paul Ayers, John Ford, Annabel Backhurst and GCSE/A level Art/Photography students.

[email protected]
Elizabeth Dymond img Elizabeth Dymond
Elizabeth is a textile artist telling stories through her collections.
Instagram: @dymondelizabeth
[email protected]
Emma Studd img Emma Studd
Emma uses the process of screen print to produce geometric works of Art, exploring the relationship between colour, patten and form.
[email protected]
Jo Pollitt img Jo Pollitt
Framed oil on board. Seascapes; skies and rocks - inspired by surfing, geology and British coastlines.

[email protected]
Juliet Carmichael img Juliet Carmichael
Paintings inspired by my zoom exercise class.

[email protected]
Lucy Routh img Lucy Routh
Lucy Routh is a contemporary still life painter who creates bold and vibrant images with a sense of space and simplicity.

[email protected]
Monica Cuellar img Monica Cuellar
Monica's work focuses on vibrant botanic scenes and wildlife in acrylics.
[email protected]
Nancy Chambers img Nancy Chambers
Nancy is best known for her vibrant poppies, her realist fruit paintings and her seascapes.
[email protected]
Rosie Reiter img Rosie Reiter
Colourful exotic statements: art prints, cards, gift wrap and homeware.
[email protected]
Stephanie Holden img Stephanie Holden
Stephanie develops colourful and expressive paintings and prints responding to a sense of place.
[email protected]
Tove Syed img Tove Syed
My passion is creating art which stimulates the mind, emotions and imagination.
[email protected]
11 Ground Flr, 13 Worcester Terrace, Clifton BS8 3JW
Location of Venue 11
Vyv Hope-Scott img Vyv Hope-Scott
Abstract oil and acrylic, alluding to landscapes, industrial spaces, places half-remembered or dreamed.
[email protected]
12 Christ Church C of E Primary School, Royal Park, Clifton BS8 3AW Sat/ Sun 11-3. Refreshments. Toilets.
Location of Venue 12
Christ Church C. of E. Primary School img Christ Church C. of E. Primary School
Please visit our Arts Week exhibition focussed on ‘The Wonder of Nature’.
[email protected]
13 11 Landsdown Place, Clifton BS8 3AF
Location of Venue 13
Harland Viney img Harland Viney
Other worldly landscape paintings exploring psyche, desire and natural forces.
[email protected]
Ian Viney img Ian Viney
Meticulously hand crafted fossil rich stone plates. Touching actively encouraged.
[email protected]
14 Goldney House and Orangery, Lower Clifton Hill, Clifton BS8 1BH Toilets
Location of Venue 14
Adam Clutterbuck img Adam Clutterbuck
Adam Clutterbuck is a fine art photographer based in Somerset.
[email protected]
Adam Kovacs img Adam Kovacs
Self-taught in oils, Adam paints whimsical scenes of his friends and of birds he loves.
[email protected]
Amy Hutchings img Amy Hutchings
Silkscreen and fine art printmaker, employing pattern, colour and descriptive line. Loves colour, drawing and biscuits.
[email protected]
Ann Kelson img Ann Kelson
Landscape painting, focusing on the sky, sea and shoreline and the colours where they meet.
[email protected]
Bronte Leigh img Bronte Leigh
Botanical dyer and textile artist working with natural dyes and fibres.
[email protected]
Hannah Leigh img Hannah Leigh
Jeweller and Ceramicist working with porcelain and silver; drawing inspiration from natural and organic forms.
[email protected]
Jon Baker img Jon Baker
Jon is a self-taught oil painter, mostly specialising in cityscapes and seascapes.

[email protected]
Mike Shevlin img Mike Shevlin
Mike likes vibrant colour, drawing inspiration from his love of gardens and the natural world.
[email protected]
Sara Bernard img Sara Bernard
I mostly paint people and still lifes. I like colour and form.

[email protected]
Sue Lutkenhouse img Sue Lutkenhouse
I make a range of silver, copper and textile earrings, bracelets and jewellery bags.

[email protected]
Wendy Gyles img Wendy Gyles
I am a scrap metal artist using a variety of metals.
[email protected]
15 3 Bellevue, Clifton BS8 1DA
Location of Venue 15
Jenny Shah img Jenny Shah
My passion for swimming outdoors continues to inspire my paintings.
[email protected]
16 6 Glentworth Rd, Clifton BS8 4TB
Location of Venue 16
Kate Edmunds img Kate Edmunds
Oil paintings inspired by seascapes around the UK, abstract block colour.

[email protected]
17 14 Clifton Wood Crescent, Cliftonwood BS8 4TU
Location of Venue 17
Jo Hartland img Jo Hartland
Jo Hartland - creating unique and useful mosaic art for homes and gardens.

[email protected]
18 43, Bellevue Crescent, Cliftonwood, BS8 4TF
Location of Venue 18
Liz Hunter img Liz Hunter
Landscape based paintings and prints.

[email protected]
19 The School Room, Queen Elizabeth's Hospital, BS8 1JX Ample free parking onsite; tea, coffee (& toilets).
Location of Venue 19
QEH Pupils img QEH Pupils
Varied work by QEH pupils.

[email protected]
Ann Gover img Ann Gover
Etchings and enamels of legendary lands and cities
[email protected]
Carla James img Carla James
Mixed media original paintings, prints, cards and accessories. Artwork inspired by Bristol and Travel.
[email protected]
Charlotte Savill img Charlotte Savill
Charlotte works as a full-time stained-glass and mixed media artist from her home studio called Leadlight Studio.
instagram - leadlightstudio
[email protected]
Helen Garrott img Helen Garrott
Helen enjoys portraying the natural beauty of the landscape through oil and acrylic painting.
Instagram: garrotthelen
[email protected]
Irene Banham img Irene Banham
Stylish and useful objects for the home. Original designs, handmade in various types of wood.
[email protected]
Kate Fraser img Kate Fraser
Kate Fraser is a painter and printmaker. She is inspired by architecture and the urban landscape.
[email protected]
Merny Wernz img Merny Wernz
Merny makes paintings and murals inspired by human interactions, online memes, diagrams and safety posters.
[email protected]
Robert Newton img Robert Newton
I am an amateur photographer specialising in abstract photography, designed to be vibrant and eye catching.
[email protected]
Rosalyn Burroughs img Rosalyn Burroughs
I am an illustration student currently studying UWE Bristol. I work in a range of different mediums.
[email protected]
Rossie Henderson-Begg img Rossie Henderson-Begg
Inspired by the ocean, faith & life, I create multi-layered, powerful abstracts & seascapes.
[email protected]
Tamara Evans Braun img Tamara Evans Braun
Kick wheel thrown ceramics inspired by nature and with a focus on sustainability.
[email protected]
Veronia Gayle img Veronia Gayle
I am an abstract artist using nature's colours to create mood, movement and depth.
[email protected]
Yukiko Hosomi img Yukiko Hosomi
Maker of fabric gifts using Japanese kimono and obi, upcycled fabric samples and unique prints. Practical, sustainable and unique creations to brighten up someone’s day.
[email protected]
20 16 Bellevue Crescent, Cliftonwood BS8 4TE
Location of Venue 20
Ollie Farthing img Ollie Farthing
Myth meets memories as Ollie’s hand-crafted prints pay tribute to the Somerset that won’t come back.
[email protected]
Dave Hall img Dave Hall
Linocut printer and illustrator inspired by bold colour, graphic layout and classic retro design.
[email protected]
Matthew Price img Matthew Price
Matthew is an illustrator and collage artist influenced by the Natural World.

[email protected]
21 Hope Chapel Hill, Hotwells, BS8 4ND Coffee and Cakes
Location of Venue 21
22 Holy Trinity Church, Hotwells BS8 4ST Tea/coffee, cakes, light lunches. Toilets.
Location of Venue 22
Jane Wills img Jane Wills
A varied range of colourful enamelled work on copper including jewellery, bowls and autumn leaves.
[email protected]
Jenny Urquhart img Jenny Urquhart
Jenny paints vibrant and contemporary images of Bristol, Bath and South West coastal resorts.
[email protected]
Karen Lilley img Karen Lilley
Blown glass vessels and paperweights, fused glass vessels and plates, and kiln-cast glass sculptures.
[email protected]
Maita Robinson img Maita Robinson
Uniquely quirky cards and collaged images using recycled materials and low-tech printing techniques.
[email protected]
Mary French img Mary French
Relief prints in small editions, drawings, collages and cards.
Pelin Hanley img Pelin Hanley
I am passionate about creating free-form, one-off sculptural pieces and wearable-art ceramics.
[email protected]
Rosemary Millar img Rosemary Millar
REM Jewellery - hand crafted silver and rolled gold jewellery incorporating beautiful and unusual semi-precious stones.
[email protected]
Shuya Cheng img Shuya Cheng
Original handmade embroidered artwork. One of a kind original abstract paintings. Giclée prints and cards.
[email protected]
Wendy Greenwood img Wendy Greenwood
Kiln Fired Dichroic and Fused Glass Jewellery. Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystal and Silver Plated Jewellery.

[email protected]
23 4 Cliftonwood Terrace, Cliftonwood, BS8 4TZ
Location of Venue 23
Anna Christy img Anna Christy
Anna Christy paints the experience of the water sky horizon from swims at the Clevedon Marine Lake. Oils and oil pastel works.

[email protected]
24 5 Cliftonwood Crescent, Cliftonwood BS8 4TU
Location of Venue 24
Fiona Willis img Fiona Willis
Pen & ink, watercolour and mixed media illustrations of our natural world. Sensitive, detailed, quirky and humorous.
[email protected]
25 Victoria Methodist Church, 1A Whiteladies Rd, Clifton BS8 1NU
Location of Venue 25
Bespoke jewellery by Katie Bird.
[email protected]
Chloe Fox img Chloe Fox
Mixed media art.

[email protected]
Jac Solomons img Jac Solomons
Graphic paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media. Amusing, disturbing, beguiling!
Under construction
[email protected]
Liz O’Neill & Tim Freeman img Liz O’Neill & Tim Freeman
Clay based artwork inspired by natural forms, patterns, textures & objects.
[email protected]
Niranjana Girish img Niranjana Girish
Fascinated and inspired by the natural world, I will be displaying original paintings, art prints, cards, coasters and mugs.
[email protected]
Roslyn Mayne-Caudwell img Roslyn Mayne-Caudwell
Roslyn Mayne-Caudwell is a ceramicist and artist specialising in functional pottery that prioritises both aesthetic appeal and ergonomic design.
[email protected]
Susan Turner img Susan Turner
I paint mainly landscapes in acrylic and oils. I am lucky to live near the docks and find the area a constant inspiration.

[email protected]
Wildflower Cards img Wildflower Cards
Grainne Thompson draws her inspiration from Interior Design, Art deco, Japanese Silk Hangings & Colour Theory.

[email protected]
26 Basement Studio, 93 Pembroke Road, Clifton BS8 3EB
Location of Venue 26
Julie Dyer img Julie Dyer
Julie is an intaglio printmaking artist. Her work consists of etchings and aquatints.
[email protected]
27 All Saints Church, Pembroke Road, Clifton BS8 3ED Tea, coffee, cakes (& toilets)
Location of Venue 27
Jacqueline Conradie-Faul img Jacqueline Conradie-Faul
Jacqueline paints contemporary acrylic art, with a fresh vibrant approach to landscapes and nature elements.
[email protected]
Barbara Baber img Barbara Baber
Inspired by young children’s uninhibited use of paint Barbara works with a range of media and techniques.

[email protected]
Christine Gittins img Christine Gittins
Christine Gittins is a potter and painter, also making jewellery and ceramic sculptures.
[email protected]
Georgina Lockier img Georgina Lockier
Jewellery. Bead Weaving in various colours and designs. community groups
[email protected]
Jane Harding img Jane Harding
Hand sculptured characters inspired by nature to create an individual style. community groups
[email protected]
Pippa Cullen img Pippa Cullen
Portraits, Animal studies, still lives, landscapes. Oils predominantly.
[email protected]
28 Alma Church Hall, 29 Alma Road, Clifton BS8 2ES Tea, coffee, snacks. Toilets.
Location of Venue 28
Ruth Spencer img Ruth Spencer
Travel photography with prints and cards.
[email protected]
Sally Hogg img Sally Hogg
Sally Hogg is a potter who is interested in function as well as form.

David Brown img David Brown
Born south of the river, lives north of the river and works in acrylic/oil.

[email protected]
Dona B. Drawings img Dona B. Drawings
Bristol illustrations by Dona Bradley available as prints, cards, gifts & homewares
[email protected]
Eva Pollard img Eva Pollard
Glass art, homeware and jewellery inspired by nature, line and colour.
[email protected]
29 Rear Studio of 78 Alma Road, (entrance behind Everyman cinema, Melrose Place), Clifton BS8 2DJ Refreshments and Toilets
Location of Venue 29
212 Productions img 212 Productions
212 Productions Ltd Fine art printing company and gallery.
[email protected]
Sarah Thorp img Sarah Thorp
Jewellery, paintings and decoupage upcycling by the owner of Bristol art gallery Room 212.
[email protected]
Emma Catherine img Emma Catherine
Emma Catherine is a contemporary Artist working with mixed media focusing on positivity and light.

[email protected]
30 4 Warwick Road, Redland, BS6 6HE
Location of Venue 30
Jean Merritt img Jean Merritt
I work with enamel, paint and found objects - often combining all with wire or gesso.

[email protected]
31 21 South Road, Redland BS6 6QP
Location of Venue 31
Nigel Humphreys img Nigel Humphreys
Drypoint mono-prints; varied subjects, limited colour! Handy for train services to/from Clifton Down.

[email protected]
32 Garden Flat, 25 Clarendon Road, Redland BS6 7EX
Location of Venue 32
Jesús Andrés img Jesús Andrés
Exploring Synaesthesia between music and art. Painting music. Gouache, acrylic, crayons, oil pastel, collage, oil and words.
[email protected]
33 St John's Primary School (Infants), Lower Redland Road, Redland BS6 6SU Saturday 11am - 3pm only. Tea, coffee, cakes; toilets.
Location of Venue 33
St John's School, (Infants) - img St John's School, (Infants) -
Artwork by pupils at the Infants school in Lower Redland Road.
[email protected]
34 13 Auburn Road, Redland BS6 6LS
Location of Venue 34
Jane Cooper img Jane Cooper
Oil landscape paintings, prints and cards.
[email protected]
Sophie Howard img Sophie Howard
Sophie Howard makes sculpture. The forms slip from figuration to abstraction to tell their tales better.
[email protected]
35 16 Elm Lane, Redland BS6 6UE
Location of Venue 35
Angie Kenber img Angie Kenber
My work explores a passion for combining colour and shape: mixedmedia artworks drawn, screenprinted, collaged and painted.
[email protected]
Sara Glass img Sara Glass
Landscape and figures - mixed media, ink and oils.

[email protected]
36 28 Wellington Park, Clifton, BS8 2UT
Location of Venue 36
Linda Alvis img Linda Alvis
Pastel landscapes, portraits, prints, photography, cards, children’s & travel books + illustrated poetry book.
[email protected]
Mike Rome img Mike Rome
Oil paintings. Portraits, landscapes, abstracts, still life, figurative, nature, copies.
[email protected]
37 St John's Primary School (Juniors), Worrall Road, Clifton BS8 2UE Saturday 11am - 3pm only, Tea, coffee, cakes; toilets;
Location of Venue 37
St John's School, (Juniors) - img St John's School, (Juniors) -
Artwork by pupils at the Junior school in Worrall Road.
[email protected]
38 1a Quarry Steps, Clifton, BS8 2UD
Location of Venue 38
Julia Maleeva img Julia Maleeva
Abstract landscape artist working in oils and cold wax.
[email protected]
39 Rock Cottage, 17 High Street, BS8 2YF
Location of Venue 39
Alison Royle img Alison Royle
Functional and decorative thrown pots made as individual pieces or small series of work.

[email protected]
40 The Garage, 38 High Street, Clifton, BS8 2YF
Location of Venue 40
Maria Quintin img Maria Quintin
Nature inspired drawings, paintings and prints in all mediums from etching to lithography to screen.
[email protected]
41 15 Beaconsfield Road, Clifton, BS8 2TS
Location of Venue 41
Martin Palmer img Martin Palmer
Abstract portraits and landscapes in oil.

[email protected]
42 3 Beaconsfield Road, Clifton, BS8 2TS
Location of Venue 42
Judith Archer img Judith Archer
Screen prints and contemporary homewares and wall pieces made using the technic of rug tufting.
[email protected]
Anna Boss img Anna Boss
Brooding landscapes from Bristol and beyond.

[email protected]
Jess Townsend img Jess Townsend
Intaglio and relief prints exploring the ethereal moments in nature.
[email protected]
Karen Jones img Karen Jones
Mixed media collage. Working in relief combining collage, painting, printmaking and digital techniques.

[email protected]
Katie Lewis img Katie Lewis
Botanical drawings and sketches.

[email protected]
43 84 Worral Road, Clifton, BS8 2TU
Location of Venue 43
Andrew Jones img Andrew Jones
Stunning landscapes and mesmerising cityscapes captured through the lens of Andrew Jones, showcasing the beauty of our world.
[email protected]
44 18 Hughenden Road, Clifton BS8 2TT
Location of Venue 44
Rupert Peploe img Rupert Peploe
The colours to be found in landscape and still life are my inspiration.
[email protected]
Peter Foreman img Peter Foreman
I make both thrown and hand built ceramics using a variety of clays and firing techniques.

[email protected]
45 4 Downfield Rd, Clifton BS8 2TH Tea, Coffee, cakes and light lunches
Location of Venue 45
Anne Bullock img Anne Bullock
A range of paintings, prints and cards.
[email protected]
Elizabeth Vibert img Elizabeth Vibert
Figurative artist working in oils in which colour, imagination and pattern play equal roles
[email protected]
Gillian Stein img Gillian Stein
Mixed metal contemporary jewellery. Silver, brass, copper, semi-precious beads. Brooches, earrings, necklaces.

[email protected]
Pam Kaye img Pam Kaye
Limited edition Lino prints, including Bristol Docks series and Garden Birds series. Greetings cards and handmade books.

[email protected]
Sylvia Owen img Sylvia Owen
Ceramic sculpture.

[email protected]