Virtual trail 2020

Virtual Trail 2020

Owing to Covid-19 many venues are not able to have actual visitors and so this year for the first time, in addition to the Limited Trail (see Venues page), we shall be holding a Virtual Arts Trail via Facebook.  This will be in operation over the weekend of 17th-18th October just as the actual Limited Trail will be.  Further details will be announced nearer the time. The artists shown below are participating in the Virtual Trail. 

Some artists on the Virtual Trail are also exhibiting in person on the Limited Trail (click on “Venues” above):

A  J Wood
Ian Stanliand
Fiona Willis
Linda Alvis
Lucianne Lassalle
Maria Quintin
Mike Rome

The following artists are not appearing on the Virtual Trail but are participating in the Limited Trail (click on “Venues” above):

Anita Millward-Smith
Bob Broomfield
Fiona Willis
Frankie Hudson
Kate Edmunds
Tim Burroughs

The contact for all further details or queries about the Virtual Trail is Eva Pollard at [email protected] but our usual address of [email protected] remains the address for all other queries.

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Other Artists 2020

The artists below would have taken part in the 2020 Arts Trail, had it not been limited owing to the CoVid19 pandemic. Please visit their websites for further details of their work.