Zennor Box

Zennor Box

Venue : Holy Trinity Church BS8 4ST

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It’s important in that click moment when you first glimpse one of my paintings that it’s easy to look at, recognisable and instantly engaging. Once I’ve gained your interest, I like to surprise you with something in contrast to what you were expecting.

Usually I paint animals and creatures instead of humans as a great way to show human characteristics, as we find it easier to relate to animals emulating our own foibles.

In my latest work, which alludes to humans lack of respect for animals and nature, and one piece that shows the real human fear that we all felt in that first week in March this year, for me these paintings could only work using real animals and real people.

“First Covid Shop” was inspired by Grason Perry’s Alan Measles. In March we all stood in the shopping line very worried. Wondering what would face us once we entered the shop. Each person in this line is a member of my family, or a friend. We’re each holding the hand of our childhood cuddly toy. A comforter to the child reduced human who is trying to be brave.

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