Wheelchair friendly venues


Most of the venues on the Trail are private houses, and often have several steps to negotiate.

However, all public venues have easy wheelchair access and so too do many private houses. These are marked on the Venues map on this website and in the brochure.

For a spreadsheet showing which venues are wheelchair-friendly, please click here to OPEN or SAVE the list. There are two versions: the first is a list of venues in numerical order and the second (click on”Sorted” at the top or bottom) with wheelchair-friendly venues at the top.

The list below here (May 2019) is those venues which ARE wheelchair-friendly. The number on the left is the venue number. The figures at the end are the Google map reference.

9 St John’s Primary School (Juniors), Worrall Road, Clifton BS8 2UE.    51.46875, -2.6158
12 St John’s Primary School (Infants), Lower Redland Road, Redland BS6 6SU.  51.46999, -2.61077
19 Tom Howley Showroom, 90a Whiteladies Road,Clifton, BS8 2QN.      51.4663, -2.61173
22 All Saints Church, Pembroke Road, Clifton BS8 3ED.                           51.46233, -2.61629
24 Alma Church Hall, 29 Alma Road, Clifton BS8 2ES.                              51.46233, -2.61333
25 Victoria Methodist Church, 1A Whiteladies Road, Clifton BS8 1NU.  51.45839, -2.60836
29 Engineers House, The Promenade, Clifton Down BS8 3NB.                51.45855, -2.62608
31 Middle Garden, West Mall/ Caledonia Place, Clifton BS8 4BG.             51.4543, -2.62384
33 Christ Church C. of E. Primary School, Lansdown Road, Clifton BS8 3AW.  51.45681, -2.61659
34 Aurea, 15 King’s Road, Clifton BS8 4AB.                                                    51.45537, -2.61857
35 Mary’s Living and Giving for Save the Children, 24 Regent St, Clifton BS8 4HG.  51.45437, -2.61832
41 QEH Theatre, Berkekely Place, Clifton BS8 1JX.                                     51.45545, -2.60896
42 Wood studio, Clifton Wood House, Clifton BS8 4TW.                             51.45194, -2.61254
46 Jacob’s Wells Baths, Jacobs Wells Road, Hotwells BS8 1DX.                51.45152, -2.60855
48 Holy Trinity Church, Hotwells BS8 4ST.                                                    51.45033, -2.61816
49 Hotwells Primary School, Hope Chapel Hill, Hotwells BS8 4ND.        51.45064, -2.62173