Wendy Gyles

Wendy Gyles

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One man’s rubbish is this woman’s treasure. I get a wonderful thrill from picking up discarded metal and turning it into something else. I’ve become somewhat of a magpie when I’m out with my dog; constantly looking for discarded metal. Fortunately builders are very helpful and willing to offload rubbish from their skips.

Like many artists who use waste products the project is often determined by the material available. My sculptures are inspired by what I find and the shape of the metal with which I am presented. It can sometimes take a long time before inspiration strikes and this is often achieved by cutting the metal up to form different profiles.

My sculptures are for indoors and outdoors. The weight of the metal usually determines which it will be, the lighter metals being more suitable for interiors. I like to use a variety of metals for texture and colour.

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