Vyv Hope-Scott

Vyv Hope-Scott

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Vyv Hope-Scott 2 Artist and musician Vyvyan Hope-Scott creates abstract images in oil, acrylic and associated media. Architectural and mechanical motifs often emerge from an ambiguously-defined ?space, giving ?the pictures a landscape quality. There?s a tension between three-dimensional and ?calligraphic elements. In recent years he has tended to use larger canvasses, though there will be a number of smaller works at this years Arts Trail. Vyv?s work is influenced by a number of painters, a surprising number of whom turn out to be Spanish.Vyv Hope-Scott 3

?I don?t know why this is, but Spanish art seems to have a gutsiness, a clarity of line and composition that really appeals to me. Like every teenager in the art class I liked Dal?, then moved towards the cubism of Picasso, then on to the abstract work of Tapi?s and Millares, and the Basque artist Eduardo Chillida. I?ve recently been looking at work by Vel?zquez and Zurbar?n and Vyv Hope-Scott 4there it is again, that clarity and contrast.?

Vyv was born in Bristol and studied music and composition at Leeds and Bristol University. He has shown work at RWA summer shows, Grant Bradley Gallery, ?Centrespace, Tobacco Factory and Innocent Gallery in Clifton.

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.vyvhopescott.co.uk