UWE Bristol Illustrators

UWE Bristol Illustrators

Venue : Clifton Scout Hut, Pavey House Waterloo Street BS8 4BT


Hello! We are a 3rd year illustration group  from UWE, each with unique styles & talents. Below is a short summary from each of our group members with our Instagram account names too!

@spiritdai I’m Cadan, I enjoy working with paints like gouache and oils, as well as sketching with a focus on tone and shading to create impressionistic, nostalgic imagery.

@emreadart Hello my name is Emily and I am a 2nd year Illustrator student at UWE, now going into 3rd year! I like to work digitally for a lot of things, but also enjoy working physically; printing, bookbinding, and jewellery making, among others, are some of my favourite techniques.

@_maisonbetty_ My name’s Betty Freeman and I’m a UWE illustrator. My main interests are print and bookbinding. My work is quite surreal and spooky.

@macquensein Hi! My name is Mac and I am a UWE illustrator. Although I primarily work digitally, I also dabble in a bit of printmaking. My work is very character driven and I love creating a good narrative.

@cabbange Hiya!! I’m Angelina Morris, another illustrator from UWE, my work has veered into the realm of woodwork and puppetry; adapting my love for bold colours and fantastical imagery.

@whitefiredaydreams I’m Tanwen McIntyre a 2nd year Illustration student at UWE. I do a bit of everything but I love making books, lasercut and working with nature imagery.