Tamara Evans Braun

Tamara Evans Braun

Venue : Clifton High School College Road BS8 3JD

I make artisan tableware, inspired by nature and with a focus on sustainability. I learnt to throw pots whilst in a wood, doing Tudor reenactments but my twist is now more modern. In 2020, I quit my job in science education to focus on my pottery and I do this alongside being a mother and growing my own fruit and veg.

Greenbank Pottery runs out of a studio in my garden, built from scrap materials. My pottery is useful and beautiful. Bowls, mugs, beakers etc. Things to be used day to day and bring people joy. My pots are thrown on a kick-wheel (pedal powered). They are single fired to reduce electricity consumption and keep the creative process flowing. Being low impact is really important to me and I don’t own a car. My pottery travels to arts trails and markets in my bike trailer.

I mainly work in earthy, natural colours, blues and greens and browns and like to focus on texture. A cup of tea or coffee can be an all round sensory experience in my opinion!

You can find me on facebook or Instagram as @GreenbankPottery