Stride Treglown

Stride Treglown

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Creative works by Stride Treglown employees.

Helen Lovesmith

Reliefs and 3D pieces using cast concrete to explore tactility and fragility, texture and light.

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Maite Igartua

I started working with clay many years ago and enjoyed it so much that I enrolled in a 2-year course where I learned about enamels and building techniques. Later, I set up my own workshop where I produced mostly utilitarian objects which were sold in various craft shops.

Then came a long pause (20 years) and I’m now starting again, experimenting mostly with free-hand modelling. I’m using coil and slab techniques to produce my pieces, experimenting with different shapes and trying to develop a language of my own. The slow pace of this process fills me with peace & calm.

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Ryan Johnson

Hello, I’m Ryan Johnson, a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Cardiff. This project ‘Icons of our world’ draws inspiration from various sources including my passions and interests; travel; the exploration of new places and environments; and observations of daily life – all captured in a moment.

In 2020, as a result of the Covid pandemic and spending a significant amount of time at home I decided to start digital painting. 12 months later, my art shop Icon Prints was born. My work investigates the thin line between art, design and engineering, showing how these concepts sometimes merge into each other without fixed borders.

Each collection explores a passion or love of mine, from global architectural landmarks to some of the most iconic and exclusive cars ever created. All of my paintings take inspiration from my own experiences and observations.  Each piece I create is a reminder of a special memory or moment in my life; be it travel, sport, painting rare cars for their lucky owners, or simply exploring my favourite film franchise, which I get to share with you through my passion for design.

I hope you enjoy this expression of me, and this project can inspire you to seek out and find the beauty in all that surrounds us every day.

My work can be found for sale at

I am also available for automotive commissions through my Instagram @icon.prints.

If you have a project you want to discuss please contact me through the @icon.prints Instagram or [email protected]. Thank you.

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Robert Sargent

Robert Sargent is an artist, architect and adventurer.  A recent professional artist who is using his architectural skills to underpin his creative work.


Inspired by the Southwest’s stunning scenery, his paintings capture that uplifting feeling you get on a perfect or moody day when you’re out in nature. Having sold out at North Somerset Arts Trail 2023, his new series investigates the relationship buildings have with nature.

His work is acrylic painting applied by brush, palette knife and pen on a variety of medium from canvas to paper. Every piece has a unique geolocation catalogued through What3Words, so you too can relive that moment that warms the soul.
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Rob Delius

My paintings are a form of escapism. They are imagined landscapes exploring the inter-relations of dwelling, prospect, water and planting. They are inspired by Australasian, Pacific, Mediterranean and Cornwall settings.

Commissions welcome.

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