(formerly SICA)

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The SICA group is a collection of Artists who are members of the charity that owns the Subud Hall. We work across a spectrum of artistic disciplines. Artists featured are Sophia Hughes – painting, Delia Whitbread – stained glass and Marius Grose – photography. There will also be light refreshments available over the weekend for donations to our charitable wing. For further information about exhibiting Artists/Susila Dharma please see

Tracey Graham

Tracey Graham is a trained sculptor who breathes new life into the discarded trappings of consumerism – used plastic milk bottles and packaging, old beer cans, trashed electronic components, bike parts from the bin, broken and unwanted toys – the detritus of our times.

With irresistible wit, an artist’s attention to detail and the kind of professional build quality which separates her from the flock, Tracey is capable of creating stunning original one-off pieces from a startling range of materials and is always up for a creative challenge. She is available for commission and can generate exciting ideas from the most minimal outline.