Sanni Pyhänniska

Sanni Pyhänniska

Venue : Clifton High School College Road BS8 3JD

I am a Bristol-based artist and printmaker originally from Finland working predominantly in screen printing, and creating my work at Spike Print Studio. My work connects people and nature in a world of bold colour, texture, and pattern. Leaning into the immediacy of making by hand, and the element of surprise in printmaking, experimentation and play make up a big part of my mark making. I find inspiration from lived memory, feeling, and conversation, therefore connection is at the heart of my work and its subjectivity often blurs the line between real and fantasy.

My work is incredibly personal, and therefore inherently female. The delicate moments I capture in my pieces represent my most joyous memories of friendship, love, daughterhood, and belonging in nature and in body.



After graduating from Falmouth University in 2020, having completed my bachelor’s degree in Illustration, I immersed myself fully in the world of screen print. Building my own exposure unit and setting up a home studio in lockdown determined my dedication for the craft. Since returning from Mexico in summer 2022, having completed an artist residency with Arquetopia Foundation, I have found creative community as a member at Spike Print Studio, where I create my work to this day.