Rocio E. Bucheli

Rocio E. Bucheli

Venue : The School Room Queen Elizabeth's Hospital BS8 1JX

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My work includes oil and encaustic paintings. In contrast I also make scrolls that are ink drawings on rice paper.

 I am a Colombian British artist. In my work there is a confrontation of cultures and this is what I celebrate with art and faith, with imaginary landscapes and figures that comes from nature. 

In my work you will be able to perceive a contrast of colours in the paintings and a monochrome  style in the scrolls, so you can decide what to pick according to you taste. 

The scrolls can be seen as as new interpretation and approach to oriental works. They are large enough to bring a tranquil atmosphere to any space. The paintings are for the more discerning collectors.

“How we approach art, and how we make art” is what draws me to show my work in arts trails. Here there is an opportunity to show my work to a diversity of people, and discuss my techniques and how it should be displayed. I also make and finish fine frames in my workshop near the centre of Bristol – see my website for more details.


Email: [email protected]