Rebecca Gibbs

Rebecca Gibbs

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Rebecca Gibbs 1 WBAT2016

I believe that creativity and arts practice are fundamentally functional. I enjoy the process of creating works and practical solutions that improve the living experience of the individual, groups and the spaces we share.

I am a multimedia Arts Practitioner and Community Project Management Consultant.

Through my cultural research practice I lead an exploration and articulation of my personal heritage and experience. I use my practice to communicate my findings, realisations, connections and contemplations as a form of auto ethnography that aims to equally inform and inspire.

About Charitable Giving

The Arts Trail provides an opportunity to present a selection of bags and wallets in vibrant Ghanaian prints and hand threaded necklaces, earrings and bangles. Funds raised from the sale of these items will contribute towards the continuing good works of Educational Charity FOYS- Focus on Your Strengths.