QEH pupils

Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital pupils

Venue : The School Room Queen Elizabeth's Hospital BS8 1JX

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At QEH our artists gather inspiration from a wide variety of sources.  You will view a selection of work in varied media such as: painting, photography, ceramics and printmaking.

We take inspiration from everywhere: from the natural, the human form, rural landscape to industrial structures and man-made surfaces. Drawing and painting underpins much of what we do and the study of still life and human form provides a rich foundation for work produced in various disciplines on a wide range of scales.

As artists investigation is integral to the production of the work. Whilst an initial starting point may be similar, the final outcomes are as unique as the artists themselves. Art is viewed as a tool for facilitating self-expression, relaxation, creativity and personal growth.

We look forward to meeting with you at our exhibition.

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