Privacy Page


West Bristol Arts

 Until I am persuaded otherwise, I hope this simple notice provides assurance in a simple readable form and is preferable to a 50-page document of legalese.

  1. West Bristol Arts collects information from Artists in order to promote the Trail each year.
  2. This information is simply basic contact information: name, address, telephone number(s). email address and website address. Also, biographies and images as supplied by artists. In addition, information about venues.
  3. Addresses (unless as a venue) and telephone number(s) are not published either on the website or the brochure.
  4. All other information is published on both our website and the brochure and thus is in the public domain. We can exclude an email address or website address by special request. Venue information also appears on our Google map, showing names of artists at each venue.
  5. We do not give out any contact information to anybody except to other artists in any particular year for certain functions (eg liaising on publicity distribution). We can exclude anybody by special request.
  6. All details are held in a database which can be accessed only by the Chairman and the website developer.
  7. At the end of each year, the list of participating artists and venues is reset, so is no longer visible on the website. However, artists’ data, including images of artwork, is retained to allow for easy registration in future Art Trails. If you wish to have your data removed permanently from the database (so you will have to re-enter your details if you wish to participate in future), please contact the Chairman or email [email protected]

Douglas Henderson