Pauline Pearce

Pauline Pearce

Venue : Holy Trinity Church BS8 4ST

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Pauline’s work reflects a series of recurring themes and processes. It has always been rooted in the geology, archaeology, ?natural history and ancient myths of the landscape from which we evolved. Print has been her chosen medium for the past 20 years and has developed through a strong involvement with the processes, particularly relief prints with wood and lino, mono printing, and the collagraph print. Using a manipulation of materials ordinarily found in the print studio, but not necessarily in their traditional way, she likes to work from a series of single print original ideas, towards a focus on multilayered collaged images, using strongly textured surfaces, handmade papers and collections of interesting ‘artefacts’ from earlier processes.

In recent years book arts have featured more and more in her working practice, so that any body of work will almost certainly contain at least one book. Sometimes a piece of work is conceived in book form and develops into prints or mixed media collages. More often the reverse happens, the book comes through exploring ideas in print first.

When not engaged on her own creative work, ?Pauline runs workshops and classes in drawing, mixed media, print, papermaking and book arts.

Email: [email protected]