Pascale Stanley

Pascale Stanley

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Pascale handcrafts a range of jewellery from her studio based at Victoria Works Studios in the golden valley of Chalford, Stroud.

Previously residing in Bristol, her designs evolved from crafting wire work sculptural pieces to metal work as she studied various techniques.


Her designs are inspired by the magic and mystical aspects of existence, the unseen and cycles of the cosmos. Her interest in astrology and ancient art is woven into her pendants, earrings and ring creations.

She has an obsession with creating textures, experimenting with fire and metals in a spontaneous fashion offering utterly unique adornments.

Pascale uses base metals bronze and brass as well as recycled silver and gold, often mixing metals in techniques such as the ancient Korean art of Keum boo, which fuses delicate gold leaf to silver. Most recent work includes wax carved pieces cast into bronze and silver.