Mike Shevlin

Mike Shevlin

Venue 21

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Mike spent his formative years in rural Cheshire and Worcestershire, later living in Hong Kong and Vietnam. Eventually he made his way to Bristol.

He has been painting since retirement, starting classes (with considerable trepidation) at the Folk House on Park Street. He was straightaway hooked on putting bright colours onto paper and canvas. A keen gardener and occasional potter he finds flowers and pots somehow make their way into his paintings, although he is struggling his way to abstraction.

Most of Mike’s paintings are in oils and pastels, but anything that makes a mark is fair game.

The Art Trail is a great opportunity to meet artists and talk about the what and how and why. Mike is more than happy to talk about his art and the pleasures of painting.

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.mikeshevlin.co.uk

Instagram: svrart14