james mernagh

Merny Wernz

Venue : The School Room Queen Elizabeth's Hospital BS8 1JX

Merny makes paintings and murals inspired by human interactions, online memes, diagrams and safety posters. He predominantly works in pencil and watercolours in his studio and uses spray paint and rollers when working on the street.

Alongside his painting practice, he produces small runs of esoteric garments and bags, which take his style and sense of humour off walls and paper and pastes them onto people.

Most recently Merny has been exploring rug tufting. He also uses digital tools and techniques throughout his practice to complement his process. The varied output of Merny’s vibrant and hilarious watercolours have been described as unique, vibrant and evocative. Tainted with dark humour and often laden with sarcasm. His work is relatable to all kinds of people, and he is unafraid to confront uncomfortable truths about our times both on the street and in his studio.

Merny’s work has achieved a recognisable and inviting style which has a broad appeal. In the near future, he would like to see his audience grow and for his work to show deeper mastery of the craft and deal with more pertinent themes. He is keen to explore community engagement in the context of his practice and also produce informative and educational work. Merny’s output allows him to process his own personal emotions around topics and issues and explore ways he can connect with different people and use his art and ideas to make the world a better place. Even if it’s just by making people laugh. So far this approach has produced contemporary work, which his audience connects with.

The breadth of the audience that Merny has observed enjoying his work tells him he must be onto something and this thread must be explored further. He is excited to see what future experiments will produce.