Lucy Winch

Lucy Winch

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Lucy has been a full time scientist and part time potter for over 20 years and works from her pottery studio in Bristol. She is a regular at arts trails around Bristol. She mostly makes functional ware that is high fired so it is hard wearing as well as beautiful. Her best sellers are her noodle bowls and cups but she also makes many other functional items.

Inspired by her love of the coast, she also has a sculptural range exploring the shapes and colours of pebbles and shells. Other inspirations include the texture and pattern of woven fabric, Indian block-printed fabric and the colour indigo.

She has recently begun teaching basic glaze technology at Clay Shed Bristol (see for details of courses) and has been using this opportunity to broaden the glazes she uses in her functional ware.


Email: [email protected]


Instagram: @LucyWinchCeramics