Lloyd Lewis

Lloyd Lewis

Venue : Clifton High School College Road BS8 3JD

To say that Lloyd Lewis has had an unusual journey to becoming an artist is an understatement. He has always drawn and it was always faces. However he has a number of other attributes. He is a former two time World kickboxing champion. He teaches science at a local Bristol secondary school.?

Lloyd Lewis is an artist that aims to not only capture the likeness of his sitters but he invests his paintings with the character of those he paints. Lloyd is essentially self taught and he instinctively creates a likeness that delves into the sitters character and personality.?

Lloyd is a self taught artist. To say that he is passionate is an understatement. His process involves making numerous drawings to enable him to negotiate the geography of each face. Each painting is painstakingly observed.?

The artist is influenced by a wide range of artists, including Lucien Freud, Colin Davidson and Euan Uglow. These influences can be seen in his work.

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Website: http://lloydlewis92.wixsite.com/lloydlewisartist

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