Kate Tarling

Kate Tarling

Venue : Stride Treglown The Promenade, Promenade House BS8 3NE

A self-taught artist, Kate Tarling has a background in journalism and a degree in
geography but textiles has always been her passion.

To create her maps she uses her sewing machine like a pen, drawing her designs
onto canvas at high speed using a process called freehand machine embroidery.
The map-making process is slow and involves many hours of methodical and
intensive sewing with some maps taking up to a month to create.

She begins by applying paint to the canvas and then adds different coloured threads to stitch the
lines and contours before finishing with hand painted silk appliqué. Her maps are
all about a sense of place, stitching memories into landscapes.


Her work often features Bristol landmarks but she is also commissioned by clients
all over the world to make bespoke maps of special places and a little piece of her
work has even been flown into space by NASA!

Email [email protected]

Website katetarlingtextiles.com

Insta @katetarlingtextiles