Kate Talbot

Kate Talbot

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I discovered the joy of painting and drawing about thirty years ago after I lost Kate Talbot 1amost of my hearing in an accident. It was like discovering a new world, seeing things in a new way.

I enjoy working intuitively, using mixed media and acrylic and sometimes collage, and the surprise element of monoprinting on silkscreen.

Inspiration comes from many different sources other artists, nature, and memories of growing up in the Bush in Australia and of seeing the sea for the first time. I like strong colours reminiscent of hot landscapes, groups of bathers elemental against a vivid blue sky and sea.

I am drawn to unusual perspectives looking down on a view or a still life or through a window, inside looking out. I love St Ives and everything about being by the sea; the light, the harbour and boats, the palm trees and agapanthus. I use a lot of blues in my painting. Sitting in a caf, I draw on scraps of paper or back of envelopes, glimpses of ordinary things like an old door or bicycle with character, or caricatures of seagulls and jackdaws strutting about.

I have exhibited regularly in local exhibitions and art trails, The Guild, St Georges, Bath Society of Artists and in the RWA Autumn Exhibitions, and The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Email: [email protected]