Kate Fraser

Kate Fraser

Venue : The School Room Queen Elizabeth's Hospital BS8 1JX

Kate Fraser is a painter and a printmaker and focuses mainly on architecture and the urban environment. She initially studied architecture and then completed an MA in Interdisciplinary Printmaking at University of West of England. She uses a variety of printmaking methods including low-toxic tetrapak intaglio and relief print.

  Kate’s work seeks to draw attention to the unobserved and everyday aspects of our shared landscape and the ‘edgelands’ of cities, noticing the accidental poetry of the commonplace, and aiming to create something meaningful from these places, reflecting on her own emotional responses in the process. She imbues buildings with character and finds pattern in ordinary structures. Her work could be summed up by the phrase ‘start where you are’. The basis of the work is often drawing and she enjoys the immediacy of drawing in the city or landscape, later working up ideas in her paintings and prints.

Website: www.katefraser.co.uk

Instagram: @katefraser_art