Kate Edmunds

Kate Edmunds

Venue : 6 Glentworth Rd BS8 4TB

For me the real excitement of landscape painting is what I feel inspired by what I see, creating an impression of what I see rather than a literal view. Using swift, swirling brush stokes, marks and patterns, bright colours and contrasts, I create hints of the landscape that the viewer can complete in their own minds with different interpretations on each viewing.

Kate is an Emmy award winning designer and accomplished painter working in Bristol, UK. Her landscapes are impressionist in style using oils and mixed media on paper and canvas. Edmunds studied design at Kingston University and went on to work a TV graphic designer for 10 years. Since 2009 she has had her own design company, Eggnogg, designing children’s products. She has exhibited her paintings in many galleries in Bristol including the RWA.



Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 0117 9277747