Karen Lilley

Karen Lilley

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Karen is a glass maker who uses a range of techniques to produce her work including blowing, flame-working, fusing, slumping, kiln-casting and polishing.

Karen Lilley 1Karen loves the excitement that comes with working with hot glass from a furnace, being able to blow, cut and pull the glass which when hot is like working with thick honey. At the moment she is exploring stripes, spirals and feathering for decoration of her blown vessels along with the various ways the rims can be shaped. At a smaller Karen Lilley 2scale, Karen uses an oxy-propane torch to flame-work glass to make components for jewellery which she then completes with sterling silver, silver plate or copper.

Karen?s fused work includes plates and vessels and she is currently exploring the ways in which glass can be slumped through a ring mould. She is also enjoying using a crackle technique for decorating her fused work. Taking the kiln-work hotter, Karen kiln-casts sculptures, first making a model, then a mould from that and then casting the glass in her kiln. However the glass is Karen Lilley 4formed it usually needs Karen to do some level of polishing and other cold work before she signs it as finished.

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.lilleyglassdesigns.co.uk