Karen Hann

Karen Hann

Venue : The Coach House 3 Harley Mews BS8 3AY

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I have lived, worked and Exhibited in Copenhagen – Paris – London and Brittany during my career and am now living in Bristol.  I do however still spend a great deal of time working in Cornwall and Brittany during the summer months.

The winter months are spent working / completing my paintings in my studio here in Bristol.

I am greatly inspired by light, reflection and contrast.  Working with nature and it’s ever changing contrasts is very exciting as well as giving me a sense of freedom. At the same time it allows the viewer to interpret and complete what they want see.

For the past few years I have been working in oils but am always working with an open mind as fare as what will make a picture more interesting and striking.

My studio THE COACH HOUSE, 3 HARLEY MEWS, BS8 3AY is open by appointment or by chance.

Telephone:   07801 827041

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.hanndesigned.co.uk