Julia Maleeva

Julia Maleeva

Venue : 1a Quarry Steps Clifton BS8 2UD

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Originally from Bulgaria, I have a BA in Fine Arts and MA in Architecture, now working full time artist in my studio in Bristol, UK. All my sources are from my travels.

The attempt to bridge the colours of Provence, Cornwall and the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, has been my journey between sea, wind, roads, emotions, ink sketches, canvas, paint, light and an observer. For me art is a deconstruction process with layers of paint waiting to be scraped and laid out in a different perspective. The way I am going backwards I am discovering a unique story, like a detective trying to find clues from the past.

I am creating a fusion of dry point and oil painting, wrapped in cold wax. My art can be seen in private homes and on various art fairs and galleries in UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and Bulgaria.



Website: www.ylimal.com