Joanna Usherwood

Joanna Usherwood

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Urban & Wild is a small surface pattern brand owned and run by Joanna Usherwood. Joanna trained as a painter and now works as a graphic designer. Her fine art training has forcefully influenced her work. The disciplines of painting and graphic design have been unified in the making of these surface pattern designs and products created under the name of Urban & Wild.

Joanna has always been captivated by textures, tiny details and pattern and all the designs relate to a long held fascination with nature and in particular foliage. Urban & Wild has been steadily growing and expanding the product ranges of fabric, card and paper products. There will be new designs and products to see as part of the 2019 West Bristol Art Trail.

Urban & Wild and Joanna will be displaying and selling these beautiful and design lead, surface pattern homeware and stationery products. 



Etsy shop: URBANandWILDcreative