Jess Townsend

Jess Townsend

Venue : Holy Trinity Church BS8 4ST

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My etchings are inspired by a life-long love of Cornwall and the South West Coast, focusing particularly on a fascination with detail and patterns found in nature.

Cliff tops, boulders, trees blasted by gales, flowers, patches of hedgerow and rock pools remain key subjects of my printmaking.

My etchings are tranquil and depict fragile flora and fauna, and hardy minerals after years of exposure to the coastal elements.

Working from sketches, I etch onto copper plate using a variety of traditional processes.

I often emboss form and texture of collected items onto the plate, adding depth and meaning to each print.

During printing, the copper plate is individually inked, wiped and hand printed to make a run of limited edition prints.

I often use multiple plates to create depth, texture and colour.Jess Townsend 6

I live in Bristol and am a member of Spike Print Studio.

Email:[email protected]