Jenny Urquhart

Jenny Urquhart

Venue : Holy Trinity Church BS8 4ST


Jenny Urquhart?s simple philosophy is to paint places that she loves! She uses Jenny Urquhart 3 a variety of mediums to create pictures that capture the appeal of some of the South West?s most popular coastal resorts, as well as well-known views in and around Bristol and Bath. All of her favourite holiday haunts feature in her work, so if you are a fan of Salcombe, Croyde, and St Ives, to name a few, then her vibrant paintings are worth a look.Jenny Urquhart 4

Jenny?s background is a scientific one. Although she was always drawing animals and plants as a child, art wasn?t offered at her school, so she decided to study Natural History instead. She graduated from Oxford University with a BA (Hons) degree in Biological Sciences, and then taught Biology for ten years in Bristol. With the increasing demands of a growing young family, Jenny decided to give up teaching in 2010 and began painting from her living room floor.

Jenny?s style is extremely eclectic but all of her paintings are colourful, contemporary and unique. ?I often don?t know what a painting will end up looking like, when I start a fresh canvas. I don?t follow any rules and often Jenny Urquhart 2apply paint with fingers, toothbrushes, or anything I can lay my hands on at the time. My more recent work features a lot of collage and texture, and I am always experimenting with new techniques. I work predominantly with acrylic paint, but some paintings may also feature ink, buttons, crayon and gel pen. My top tip is, if something works then use it, and sometimes the best results are by complete chance (one of my favourite paintings, entitled ?A grey day St Ives,? was greatly improved by accidentally spilling a cup of tea on it and trying to mop it up with bits of newspaper)!?

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