Jacqueline Conradie-Faul

Jacqueline Conradie-Faul

Venue : All Saints Church Pembroke Road BS8 3ED

Jacqueline paints contemporary acrylic art, with a fresh vibrant approach to landscapes and nature elements.

Jacqueline is a South-African-born artist. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Creative Arts: Graphic Design) in 1994 from the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa). She continued her studies in the field of Creative Arts and Cultural history and obtained a Masters of Art (cum laude) in 2001 from the same university.

Jacqueline has been active in Fine Arts since 1994, exhibiting at many well-known galleries and art festivals in South Africa, Germany and the United Kingdom. Since 1997 she has combined her love for Arts and Crafts with her training in Graphic Design and still acts as freelance Art Director and Marketing Manager for a highly reputable South African jeweller. To accommodate her art interests she often travels between the United Kingdom and South Africa.

Her main inspiration is drawn from detailed natural and cultural elements. In her work she strives to give balance to her own English and European roots, alongside her African heritage. Everyday elements are often used to depict the rich fabric of her different cultural influences. A love for the art of drawing is eminent in her work. Her chosen medium: Acrylic paint mixed with contè pastels and charcoal.