Irene Banham

Irene Banham

Venue : The School Room Queen Elizabeth's Hospital BS8 1JX

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Irene is a designer and maker of fine furniture, as well as smaller products for the home, working predominantly with wood.  She loves to work with a material that is as versatile as wood and makes pieces in a wide variety of styles and sizes, particularly enjoying the challenge of trying out new techniques.


Irene lives and works in Bristol and her designs are influenced by many things; past and present surroundings, memories of travels near and far, practical items in everyday use and her engineering interests.  She enjoys making distinctive pieces that combine art and engineering; pieces which function perfectly for their intended use, but are also beautiful to look at and have artistic merit.

Items such as Cantilever Cake Stands and ‘All Angles’ Walnut Lamps are generally available for immediate purchase.  Some small items of furniture are available immediately or can be made to order and Irene is always happy to discuss commissioning something bespoke, large or small, to your exact requirements.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07857 703500