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Immix 1a

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Bristol based art collective, Immix, work as individuals as well as devising and participating in collaborative projects. The members offer a diverse range of work from participatory installation to more traditionally refined prints.

Ann Kelson 2Ann Kelson

Building on the success of her degree show, Ann Kelson will be exhibiting work from her latest project.



Dave Parsons 2David Parsons

Representing the overlooked and celebrating the ordinary is a recurring theme within David Parson?s work. He selects his subjects from his everyday environment in and around Bristol.


Emily Lucas 2Emily Lucas

Utilising gaps, fragments, repetitions and strange pairings, Emily Lucas is interested in the inadequacy of language to communicate thought process.


Victoria Farrance 2Victoria Farrance

Victoria Farrance uses her curiosity to drive her passion to create. She draws inspiration from her fascination of the natural world, love of the animal kingdom and obsession with her figure.


Susan Colson 2Sue Colson

Sue Colson?s work aims to provoke her audience to take a second look and find forgotten or undiscovered virtues in unexpected places. She believes that there is beauty and value in all things around us.