Further information for those visiting venues on the Limited Trail

You will be most welcome

Happily in our area we have always had a very low rate of infections. However, we need to make sure that we are as vigilant as possible and therefore we have advised all artists to ensure that these guidelines are followed.


  1.  Wear a mask at all times during your visit.
  2.  Use hand-sanitiser (if provided by the venue) before entering the premises.
  3.  Keep social distancing: at least two metres apart from those not in your own household.

ENTRY: Depending on circumstances at the venue, in order to keep strictly to the “rule of six” you may be asked to:

  1. book in advance (this may be found under individual artists’ own pages – click on their name/ image on either the Artists or Venues pages).
  2. ring the doorbell to gain entry.
  3. sign in on arrival and departure on the very remote chance that some other visitor (or yourself) will report as infected shortly afterwards.