Frankie Hudson

Frankie Hudson

Venue 33

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I make small mosaic tables, wall panels, decorated flower-pots and framed mirrors.

My designs are inspired by my observations of people and the natural world; and of course I draw from my own imagination in interpreting the work of others. I like to create scope to take the viewer beyond what is immediately visible and into a place where they find peace, solace, joy, a moment of enlightenment, or whatever occurs to them in the moment.

Perspective is important to me, the shape of things, the setting, colour and a sense of movement in the image.  If my work raises a smile in the beholder I feel I have succeeded in my task.

I’m pleased to take commissions. Once you see the range and style of my work and have an idea of what you’d like me to make for you, I’m happy to discuss your specific wishes for size, colours, whether it be for in- or out-doors, etc.

If you are interested in having a go yourself, please get in touch. I am available to give tuition to individuals and small groups

Most of my creations are weatherproof, in that the materials used are water-resistant. This means that tables and panels can be placed and used – and left outdoors; however, it’s best to bring them inside before winter frosts set in.

Telephones: 0117 973 8900 and 07726 924 033

Email: [email protected]