Frances Cooley

Frances Cooley

Venue : 20 Cliftonwood Crescent Cliftonwood BS8 4TU

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Frances Cooley has spent a lifetime creating graphic designs, illustrations, drawings, and paintings. She gained a degree in Art and Design in 1984, has travelled the world spending a year in Hong Kong working for Henry Steiner.

She made her home in Bristol, there raising a family with two active boys and for 18 years, ran her own business, Clifton Cakes. But always finding the time to study the human form and nature, regularly at the RWA Bristol.

In the last fifteen years working full time as an artist, her work includes nature, still life and figurative studies. Whether travelling or in her own back garden, she finds inspiration in the beauty of nature. Her paintings en-plein-air bring to life the gardens of England, Wales, Italy and France.

I consider observational drawing especially the human figure to be fundamentally important to all my work”

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Instagram: frances.cooley.artist