Finding your co-ordinates

Finding your co-ordinates

This is how you do it from your own computer. This is most easily done on a laptop or PC. In theory, iPads and iPhones have a ?right-click? function by pressing and holding for five seconds (or sometimes double-tapping) but I haven?t been able to make this work on either. But see below for an alternative.

Go to Enter your address in the box (you need only start and it will appear in a list), and the map will show your location, at least roughly.

  • RIGHT click on your exact location. LEFT click on ?What?s here??.
  • Click on the co-ordinates at the bottom (rather tiny), and they will show up much larger in the main search box.
  • Copy and paste into a simple email to me. I know your venue. Only one reply per venue is needed. We have all venue co-ordinates since 2013.

Alternatively use an iPad or iPhone (with free Google Earth app and some others) /SatNav or similar which will do the same thing. On Google Earth, start typing the address and then click on it. The co-ordinates appear at the top (in very small print).

I’ll hazard a guess that very soon you will want these at hand anyway to tell the increasing numbers who use SatNav how to find you. However, I gather that SatNavs use the Latitude/ Longitude readings, which also appear on the page where you have got to.



2 Sion Lane
51?27’16.6″N 2?37’29.1″W
(done by this process)