Fi Harris

Fi Harris

Venue : 2 Sion Lane Clifton BS8 4BE

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Coming from a family line of dressmakers, including for the Swedish royal court, Fi was always destined to create. Her successful dressmaking ventures have included made to measure silk lingerie and lycra workout wear.

Fi is a felt-maker, printer and creative experimenter. From her North Somerset studio she plays with textiles, textures and techniques. Inspired by nature and colour, she creates unique felted pieces for hanging or wearing, limited edition screen prints & etchings and one-off marbled papers which she uses to make hand-bound notebooks.

Wet-felting involves using wool, water and friction to create a felt ‘fabric’. Pictures and designs are produced by laying down individual or small groups of fibres, much like painting but with more dynamic textures.

Screen printing is the process of pushing ink through a partially blocked mesh to produce a print.

Marbling produces unique patterns by collecting suspended inks from a marbling bath solution onto treated paper.

In 2017, Fi joined the Level 3 Fibrecraft course at Bicton College, Devon. According to her tutor “Fi showed outstanding creative energy, in-depth research, commitment to detail, inclusivity and generosity of spirit”. At the completion of the course Fi was awarded the prestigious ‘Craft 4 Crafters Student Award’ 2018.

Workshops to learn wet-felting, screen printing, paper marbling and simple book making are available at her studio.

Please have a peek at Instagram @feltbyfi or contact Fi on [email protected] for more information.