Douglas Karson

Douglas Karson

Venue : Holy Trinity Church BS8 4ST

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I wasn’t raised with art as part of my life. It was a subject in the schools of Little Rock, AR where I grew up and my family wasn’t artistic. It was later I discovered art. First, the old masters in Italy, with their vision and colours inspired me when studying abroad. Then, living in New York and feeling the creaive pulse was the first time I put paint to canvas. It was here I learned that I could do things other people couldn’t and that I had a natural affinity for paint and colour and passion for creating.

After displaying on the street and selling multiple of my first produced works, I knew I needed to become better and more knowlegeable. I needed to know more about what it takes to make and share vision with people and see the limits of art and experience. With years, with experience, with books, with practice, I continue to become more passionate and focused in my awareness that art can change how people experience the world. This core shift in people’s perception over decades and even centuries is what really excites me up about being an artist.


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instagram: @dakartist