Douglas Karson

Douglas Karson

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Douglas Karson is an artist with a mission; to connect people through common Truth. Born in 1984 and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, Art was not present in his childhood. Self taught with a deep passion for creativity, he understands Art can lead the way into a healthier future with balance between order and freedom.

He believes in art and artists and for that founded Art Battle UK.

Besides painting, he is also a yogi, poet, performer, playwright, musician, chef and producer.

His primary body of work is the RULES series. The RULES series is a collection based on the principles of light, balance, and joy. Each piece follows three rules in their creation. Some are made from preconceived ideas, some evolve slowly, and others explode all at once! They speak to the creative freedom that comes from working within constraints and the need for such constraints in the coming years of global climate crisis.

They are colourful, powerful, and made with care and devotion.

Born in the US, Douglas now call Bristol home and loves the art, colour and people of the city.

Douglas’s work has been featured in magazines such as Art Reveal, Creativ Paper and more. His output is prolific with no sign of slowing. With experience in participating and organising over 30 group and solo exhibitions, he is driven to share.



instagram: @dakartist