Claire Broughton

Claire Broughton

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My work includes textiles, mixed media, drawing and painting.

I studied Creative Arts at Bath Spa University (Textiles and Fine Art, BA (Hons) First Class) before completing a Masters Degree in Fashion and Textiles at the same university.

Drawing has always been the starting point for my work, and illustrations of the natural world, plants, flowers and birds, become the inspiration for my textiles and paintings. I am also fascinated by memory and dreams and these are recurring themes within my work.

Many of my paintings are examinations of weeds, plants which are seen as invasive and as “trespassers”. They are invincible and won’t be tamed, and it’s this resilience which I love.

My  purses are made from luxurious velvets and silks, often including vintage buttons, lace and pieces of antique trims and ribbons. I enjoy repurposing something which once would have been discarded and discovering the intrinsic beauty in the old, used and damaged.

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