Carla James

Carla James

Venue 6 : 212 Productions Entrance Driveway by 19 Melrose Place BS8 2NG

As an artist Carla have always been inspired by identity, culture, surroundings and adventures around the globe.

From her home in the countryside of Somerset near the city of Bristol, to her family home on the tropical island of Trinidad.

Carla loves traveling to beautiful destinations such as the intricate decorative palaces in Thailand to sensational Bali. She is passionate about exploring the world and loves to capture a little piece of the exotic when she is back designing in the studio creating beautiful works of art.

Carla designs and paints original artwork. Some of these pieces are then transformed and printed to make unique products and limited edition art prints.

Carla also paints murals and street art.

Her work is recognised for the use of vivid colours, delicate application and a strong sense of style, sometimes embellished with delicate gold details.

Carla loves to make custom artwork and takes commissions too.


Email: [email protected]