Bob Broomfield

Bob Broomfield

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Bob takes everyday scenarios in his satirical jaws, playfully chews them up and spits a living, breathing, vibrant sardonic joy on the canvas.

Through his extensive range of hand-drawn cartoons, he seizes the ordinary moments in life and rattles them until the hidden stories and meanings beneath the surface are brought to the fore. The thrilling result is an explosion of life; Bob’s world is a complex tapestry of the grotesque and the beautiful, the innocent and the corrupt, celebrations and loss, politics and apathy.

Bob Broomfield 3Supermarket shopping, birthdays and weddings, at the doctor, in the factory and office, political parties and partying, working out at the gym, the business of sport, travelling the roads of Europe and lazing on the beach; very little is left untouched by his colourful imagination.

One of the joys of his cartoons is being taken through the intricacies and the hidden meanings in all the fine detail – but equally just to interpret the cartoons with your own meanings.

After 15 years living in Italy, Bob returns to Bristol where he has developed his most recent theme “Bristol – as you’ve never seen it before…” – portraying everyday situations in Bristol, and now including the Balloon Fiesta, as only Bob could!




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