Anna Findlay

Anna Findlay

Venue : Clifton High School College Road BS8 3JD

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Anna began working with glass in 1992 after leaving her work as a childcare social worker. She attended classes at Queens Road School of Art and Design in Bristol, where she was taught the traditional leaded glass technique. She initially sold her work (mainly small panels, mirrors and bowls) at a craft market in the long-ago demolished Berkeley Centre on Clifton Triangle. She went on to sell at craft fairs and festivals as well as through shops in various parts of the UK.

After a back injury in the 1990s, Anna replaced her leaded glass work with the copper foil method as the process is less physically strenous and results in products which are lighter to transport.

Over the years Anna has combined her glass-work with part-time social work, counselling and student mentoring. Now semi-retired, she is focussing on glass-work as well as developing her interest in painting, including Indian miniatures (perhaps a reflection of her partly Indian origin). She intends to exhibit a small selection of these paintings along with her glass-work.

Anna’s love of intense colour and pattern is evident in the variety of work she produces, which includes mobiles and hangings, mirrors and bowls, pendants, earrings and bracelets as well as the paintings mentioned above.

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