Anna Christy

Anna Christy

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Light captures the mood in the moment, Anna’s work captures that fleeting moment with oil paints – trees silhouetted against a fading winter sky, reflections and shadows over water. Greek landscapes, sea and boats.

Light gives colour vibrancy and solidity to form, it traces the elusive shadows cast on a wall and light dancing on water; these are the very moments that excite her.

Still-life paintings allows for experimentation, compositions set by a window flooded with light and shadow.

Greek light has always been an inspiration with its intensity. but initially her preferred medium of expression was through stitching and use of fabrics. She painted with thread.

Anna has exhibited hand stitched textile works in Athens and UK.

Today a busy working life as a Pilates teacher and grandmother leaves less time for stitching but gives the opportunity to use more fluid medium and express with paint.

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